(From Menoruhagia 4925 the menses, and to break out). Excessive or extraordinary discharge of the menses, metrorrhaghia, haemorrhagia uterina. Dr. Cullen places this disease in the class pyrexiae, and order hemorrhagiae, which he defines pains of the back, loins, and belly, similar to those of labour, attended with a flow of the menses, or of blood from the vagina, more copious than natural. The species are:

1. Menorrhagia rubra. See Menses.

2. Menorrhagia abortus; menorrhagia gravidarum. See Floodings under Abortus.

3. Menorrhagia lochialis. See Lochia.

4. Menorrhagia vitiorum; when the appearances-of the menses are from ulcer or other local defect.

5. Menorrhagia alba. See Fluor albus.

6. Menorrhagia nabothi; the serous discharge from the vagina during pregnancy.

Menorrhagia difficilis. Difficult or painful menstruation. See Menses deficientes.