Othenar, (from Mes 4961 and the, of the hand,) is a flat and nearly a triangular muscle, lying between the first phalanx of the thumb and the bottom of the palm of the hand, inserted into the ligament which connects the os magnum of the carpus to that which supports the thumb, as well as into that bone of the metacarpus which supports the middle finger, and to that which answers to the index: from thence, the fibres contracting to an angle form a tendon, which is inserted into the head of the first phalanx of the thumb. Winslow.


(From Mespilus 4963 because it has a cap or crown in the middle). The medlar. Mespilus germanica Lin. Sp. Pl. 684. The common medlar is about the size of an apple tree; le strong and sharp pointed; flowers in May, and the fruit ripens in September. In Germany these trees are wild; with us cultivated. The fruit hath an austere astringent taste, which is lost when kept so long as to appear rotten; and it is then cooling and slightly astringent.

Mr.'spiLis Apiifolio. See Spina alba.


(From metacarpus). A small fleshy muscle, situated obliquely between the large internal angular or transverse ligament of the carpus and the whole inside of the fourth metacarpal bone; fixed by a tendon to the os orbiculare, and to the neighbouring part of the large ligament of the carpus: at its other end to the outer edge of the fourth metacarpal bone.


(From Metacinema 4966 and to remove).

A removal of the pupil of the eye from its proper situation.


(From Metacondyli 4968 and a knuckle). The last joints of the fingers next the nails.

Met Njllurgia

(From, Met Njllurgia 4970 a metal, and work). Metallurgy; the chemical doctrini metals, particularly respecting their separation, depuration, and preparation.


(From Metapedium 4972 and the foot

See Metataksus.


(From Metaphrenon 4974 and the diaphragm). See Dorsum.


(From Metastasis 4976 to transfer,) diadexis, diadoche, a translation of a disease from one part to another. The term is limited to a change of determination, for when matter or water passes through the cellular membrane, it is not called a metastasis.