To Venereal Commerce. In the locales, dysorexiae, of Cullen.

This disease arises from a deficiency of semen, or a weakness of the muscular powers necessary to its effectual discharge. In some instances, the semen itself seems defective in its essential qualities. Sauvages has given us five species, which Dr. Cullen thus divides. The true species are the paralytic and gonorrhoea]; the spurious species, where impediments occur to prevent the act, from piles, or some fault in the urethra; what is called false or fictitious, supposed to arisefrom magic. See Sauvages, vol. i. 770.

The cure of this disease depends upon the removal of its separate causes. Sauvages gives us an account of a man being cured by immersing the penis often in the day in a strong decoction of mustard seed. If it is occasioned by weakness or a simple gonorrhoea, such aids are to be called in as are calculated to invigorate the system; tonics and corroborants are to be made use of.

P particularly cold bathing, avoiding high seasoned foods and cordial stimulants. No error is more common or more pernicious than indulging highly nourishing food in such instances; for there is no more frequent cause of debility than over distended vessels. If from the piles, or faults in the urethra, these complaints must be combated by the appropriate remedies.