* North American Review, October, 1902.

It is not at all surprising that many, if not the most, of the faculty in Booker Washington's school at Tuskagee, Alabama, are mixed bloods, nor that the negro exhibit at the Jamestown Exposition was the product of mixed bloods almost exclusively, though there were some negroes among the mechanics and laborers.

The Cuban mulatto is on the same mental plane as our mulatto and mestizo, but in a curious midway social and ethnic position. He has a Spanish father like a mestizo and a negro mother like our mulatto, and is, therefore unlike either of these other half-breeds. He is neither submerged in a higher type as our mulatto is, nor floating on a lower type as the Filipino mestizo does, but occupies a distinct social and political position of his own between the two layers. He has done some good work and is a strong political factor, and one to be reckoned with in all Cuban affairs - a leader of the lower Cuban types, though needing the guidance of the upper layer.

We can now see that the same law applies to all races on earth. When two or more jointly occupy a place the higher invariably becomes the guide and ruler - the aristocracy. The Semites are an upper class to Turanians, the Aryan is always an aristocrat to the Semite. Mixing or the production of a homogeneous mass is unnatural, never has occurred and never will.

*"Race Problems," McClure's, p. 108.

Every now and then some writer asserts that there never was an Aryan race, and that the whole matter is a myth. The latest to scout the Aryan is Jean Finot, editor of La Revue. These men have curiously little on which to base their opinions, but are bewildered by the widespread of Aryan ideas in the world. An Aryan language invariably drowns out those with which it comes into competition, and the Aryan dialect, which has undergone the greatest evolution, by reason of its superiority, is displacing all others.

Aryan Languages

Mr. E. H. Babbitt predicts* that within a century English will be the vernacular of twenty-five per cent, of the people of the world, and will be read by fifty per cent. Even now seventy-five per cent, of mail matter is addressed in English. More than half of the world's newspapers are in English, and as these have the largest circulation perhaps three-quarters of the world's newspaper reading is done in English. It required brains to evolve these languages, and the brains which did it are assuming control. Moreover, it is not probable that any artificial language like Esperanto can possibly displace a language which has evolved naturally and survives by reason of its superiority.

There is, then, a perfect explanation for the modern control of the world from the Northwest of Europe. The Dutch already rule as much area as the continent of Europe itself. The English control one-fifth of the globe, and are causing dense masses of lower races to exist. Of the 200,000,000 Mohammedans, 124,-000,000 are under Christian control, and if that control would end the Mohammedans would diminish. It is said that the Latin races, which numbered 55,000,000 in 1800, are about 90,000,000 now, while the Aryan nations have increased from about 43,000,000 to over 200,000,000 - an increase due solely to their commensal relationship to the rest of the world where they have built up Aryan civilizations and increased the food supply. The original meaning of the word is prophetic of the last" noble," "excellent," "honorable," "lord of the soil" and the rulers are from Erin as well from Iran and Arya.

* The World's Work, February, 1908.