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History Books

Books covering Anthropology, Historical Events and Personalities

-The Home Cyclopedia Of History and Geography | by Charles Morris
The necessary facts and statistics according to latest reports of the areas, physical features, populations, religions and governments of all countries of the world as included in the grand divisions or continents, with the important and interesting facts about each country and the people who inhabit it. A convenient book of reference for historical and geographical subjects.
-The Boyhood of Great Men | by John G. Edgar
That a peculiar interest attaches to the boyhood of great men will hardly be denied by any one who has given the slightest attention to the subject. The early exploits and aspirations of those who have performed memorable services to their country and their species, led mighty armies into the field, advanced the progress of humanity and civilisation, achieved important triumphs in literature and science, or associated their names honourably and indissolubly with some great profession, are matters fraught with instruction to the young, and with interest to all. The object of the following pages is to place before the reader brief narratives of the career of those who have fought their way to eminence and distinction in various walks of life; and thus to develope in the mind of youth noble tastes and high principles, as well as to inspire and sustain that spirit of industry, which is essential to the attainment of any position worth striving for. Youth is the season of generous impulses and high resolves; the career of the boy usually foreshadows that of the man; no day passes without experiences which will lead to good or evil, just as they are neglected or profited by; and the importance of directing the attention to laudable pursuits, by actual examples, at an age when the heart and mind are peculiarly susceptible of lasting impressions, can scarcely be questioned.
-Modern England | by Justin McCarthy
In these two volumes my purpose is to give an account of the social and political development of England since the opening of the century. I do not attempt anything like a minute and detailed history of the events that followed each other during that time; and indeed my intention is rather to draw something like a picture than to give to my readers a chronicle and a record. I have endeavoured to describe each remarkable political and social development, and to group the statesmen and philanthropists of every order by whom each development was assisted in its progress.
-A Short History Of The English People | by John Richard Green
The story of how the Short History of the English People came to be written would be the story of Mr. Green's life, from the time when his boyish interest was first awakened by the world beyond himself until his work was done. So closely are the work and the worker bound together that unless the biography be fully written no real account of the growth of the book can indeed be given. But in issuing a Revised Edition of the History, a slight sketch of the historical progress of the writer's mind, and of the gradual way in which the plan of his work grew up, may not seem out of place...
-Some Contributions Of South India To Indian Culture | by S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar
Any estimate of the contributions made by South India to Indian culture involves, as a necessary preliminary, an elaborate study of the history of India as a whole, in all its cultural aspects. An attempt at such a study in a systematic way has but recently been inaugurated in the University of Calcutta by the institution of a Master's Degree in "Indian Culture" with provision for teaching the subject as a part of the scheme for post-graduate teaching at the University. It is a happy sign of the times that the need has been recognised in Calcutta, but Calcutta will need the co-operation of the other Indian Universities to study the subject in all its vast and varied ramifications...
-Expansion of Races | by Charles Edward Woodruff
Most of the manuscript was written in various parts of the world, while actually collecting the data and observing the phenomena described. Particular emphasis, of course, has been given to the conditions in the Philippines - topics of which most Americans are sadly ignorant.
-Races of Afghanistan | by Surgeon-Major H. W. Bellew
The manuscript of the following brief account of the races of Afghanistan was written at Kabul, for the most part, after the duties of the day were over, and at odd intervals of leisure from official business, with the view to its transmission to England for publication; but falling ill as it drew to a close, and being obliged on that account to leave Kabul for India on sick leave, my purpose could not be carried out.
-The Trend Of The Races | by George Edmund Haynes
Two score and nineteeen years have passed since the Emancipation Proclamation set America free. Since that time modern science and invention and world movements have brought the questions of race relations and democracy to the forefront of public policy, both national and international. The records of the past have left mainly the experience of conflict and conquest in the dealings of the strong with the weak and the white with the black. Consequently, the world faces the new situations and the rising tide of race consciousness with quite as limited knowledge of whether the principles of racial appreciation and cooperation can be made practicable and how they may be achieved.

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