A DESCRIPTION OF Modem Hot-Water Heating Apparatus - The Methods of their Construction and the Principles Involved.

With Over Two Hundred Illustrations, Diagrams, and Tables.


Member American Society Mechanical Engineers.

Author of "Steam-Heating for Buildings,"' etc., etc.

Graphical methods are used to illustrate many of the important principles that are to be remembered by the Hot-Water Engineer.

The volume is 8vo.,of 385 pages, besides the index; handsomely bound in cloth, and will be sent postpaid on receipt of $4.00

Among the questions treated are the following:

Laws of Hot-Water Circulation.

Flow of Water in the Pipes of an Apparatus.

Graphical Illustration of the Expansion of Water.

Graphical Illustration of the Theoretical Velocity of Water in Flow-Pipes.

Efflux of Water Through Apertures.

Passage of Water Through Short Parallel Pipes.

Passage of Water Through Long Pipes.

Friction-of Water in Long Pipes.

Quantity of Water that will Pass Through Pipes under Different Pressures.

Diminution of the Flow of Water by Friction in Long Pipes.

Loss of Pressure by Friction of Elbows and Fittings.

How the Friction of Elbows and Fittings may be Reduced to a Minimum.

Flow of Water Through the Mains of an Apparatus, Considered under its Various Practical Conditions.

How to Find the Total Head Required when the Quantity of Water to be Passed and the Size and Length of the Pipes are Known.

How to Find the Quantity of Water in U. S. Gallons that will Pass Through a Pipe when the Total Head and Length and the Diameter of the Pipe is Known.

To Find the Diameter of the Pipes for a Given Passage of Water.

How to Find the Direct Radiating Surface Required for Buildings.

How Heat is Lost from the Rooms of a Building.

Simple Formula for Finding the Radiating Surfaces for Buildings.

Experiments by Different Authorities on Radiating Surfaces.

To Find the Amount of Water that should Pass Through a Radiator for a Certain Duty.

How to Determine the Size of Inlet and Outlet Pipes for Hot-Water Radiators.

Diagrams Giving Graphical Methods for Finding the Diameters and Lengths of Flow and Return Pipes for Hot-Water Apparatus.

Proportioning Coils and Radiators of an Apparatus for Direct Radiation.

Description of Different Systems of Piping in Use.

Proportioning an Apparatus for Indirect Heating.

Illustrations of Boilers.

Hot-Water Heating in the State, War, and Navy Department Building.

Hot-Water Heating in Private Residences.

Boilers Used for Hot-Water Heating.

Direct Radiators Used for Hot-Water Heating.

Indirect Radiators Used for Hot-Water Heating.

The Effect of Air-Traps in Hot-Water Pipes.

Expansion Tanks - and How they should be Prepared.

Danger of Closed Expansion Tanks.

The Various Valves Used for Hot-Water Heating.

Air-Vents Used for Hot-Water Radiators.

Automatic Regulators Used in Hot-Water Heating.

Special Fittings for Hot-Water Heating.

How to Conduct Tests of Hot-Water Radiators.

Method of Connecting Thermometers with Hot-Water Pipes and Radiators.

Tables of Contents of the Pipes of an Apparatus.

Table of Co-efficients of the Expansion of Water from Various Sources, with an Ample Table of Contents from which the above Items were Selected; also an Alphabetically Arranged Index, the Whole Containing a Large Amount of Useful Information of Great Value to the Engineer, Architect, Mechanic, and Householder. No Architect, Engineer, Steam-Fitter, or Plumber throughout the United States should be without a copy of this book. It is written in the simple style of Mr. Baldwin's former book, "Steam-Heating for Buildings," and is within the ready comprehension of all.

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