A doctor's home differs from an ordinary home only when his office is located there. Under such conditions the doctor's office may well be located in one wing of the building, isolated from the home proper. Just what will be required by a doctor will depend on his practice and the extent to which he wants to go in fitting up his office. If surgical operations are to be conducted a more elaborate equipment will be necessary than for a general practitioner. At all events, a disinfecting-room containing a shower bath should be part of every office suite, so that the doctor can thoroughly disinfect his clothes and person, after being exposed to contagion, before entering his home proper. If surgical cases are to be operated upon, in addition to the floor drain and running water for the operating table a hospital slop sink and hospital lavatory with foot valves will be found convenient. Usually, however, the physician has his own opinion of what is wanted and all that is necessary is to follow instructions. At all events, the best plan would be to consult him.

In a dentist's office little is needed in the way of plumbing outside of a lavatory and water and waste attachment to the cuspidor at the side of the operating-table. If the drilling-machine used is to be operated by a water motor an outlet will likewise be required for that purpose.