Suburban Stations

The suburban stations of a railway company generally possess two distinct functions - that is, the lower floor of the building, which usually is two stories in height, is given over to the official business of the company and the convenience and comfort of the traveling public, while the second floor of the building is fitted up as a home for the station agent's family. On the first floor of the building a toilet room for men, another for women, a slop sink for janitor service - which may be located in one of the toilet rooms or in the janitor's closet adjoining - and a drinking fountain usually complete the sanitary equipment. On the second floor of the building a bath room and kitchen, the same as in a private house or apartment, will complete the plumbing work for this class of buildings.

Terminal Stations

Terminal stations, also way stations in large cities and at junctions, are of greater importance than suburban stations, and naturally have more extensive plumbing installations. On the main floors of such buildings retiring rooms for women adjoining toilet rooms are necessary, and corresponding toilet rooms are required for men. In the men's toilet rooms most of the fixtures will be free, while for the use of others a small fee may be charged, which will include soap and the use of a towel. Slop sinks will be found necessary on all floors of the building, and drinking fountains will be required on all the public floors.

A barber shop is operated in all large station buildings, and in planning the work provision must be made for the barber fixtures. Likewise a lunch counter and dining room form part of a fully equipped passenger station, which necessitates the fitting up of a complete kitchen, serving room and waiters' locker room with toilets. The engineers and firemen must not be overlooked when planning the plumbing work and a fully equipped toilet room containing a shower should be provided for them.

The upper floors of terminal stations are generally given over to offices, so that this part of the station may be considered as an office building and fitted up in the same manner as would an ordinary office building.