In Plate 35 are shown two stacks serving the fixtures of a double apartment building, one stack for the kitchen fixtures, the other for bath-room fixtures.

The main lines of soil and waste pipes in buildings of this class may often be run in the mutual wall or partition which divides the building at the center. This method centralizes the plumbing, and allows the work to be installed at the lowest possible cost of labor and material.

Plate XXXV. Plumbing For Double Apartment Buildings - Filtered Water Supply

Plate 35.

Plumbing for

Double Apartment BuiIding

Plumbing For Double Apartment Buildings 89

Lack of space prevents showing in this system a line of refrigerator waste, which should always be provided in buildings of this class. In the more pretentious apartment buildings a pantry sink is often provided for each apartment and sometimes one or more bedroom lavatories.

Connected with the general plumbing arrangements for apartment buildings, office buildings, etc., the matter of a filtered water supply is now demanding much attention, as also for residences, and a brief consideration of the subject will not be out of place at this point.