This is a most popular wood for furniture and interior finish. It is heavy and strong. Its color is a very light reddish brown, and it has a fine, compact grain, which is extremely beautiful. It is commonly stained walnut, cherry, or mahogany, to all of which Handcraft Stain lends itself admirably. Handcraft silver gray is a very attractive finish for birch (specification 15). It can also be finished natural (specification 13). As a foundation for white enamel effect, it is unsurpassed. Its light color and delicate grain make it suitable for this purpose (specification 18). Birch is less expensive than oak, but superior in many ways.


Plate CXXII. Birch.

The illustration (Plate CXXII) is too small to show the darker spots, which are even more pronounced when the wood is stained mahogany. These variations of the grain are extremely attractive. Birch is a close-grained wood and does not require filling.