Brighten-Up Enamel will produce an extremely durable finish for iron bedsteads, and can also be used satisfactorily for woodwork, wickerware, bric-a-brac, etc. This material will produce a glossy finish which is extremely durable. Naturally, one would choose the "white" for an iron bedstead, and for any pieces of furniture to be used in a white enamel room. Still, there is frequent desire for other colors, and Brighten-Up Enamel is prepared in the following delicate colors: ivory white, flesh, light yellow, rose pink, silver gray, and sea green. Occasionally, the stronger colors are most appropriate - vermilion, willow green, robin's egg blue, carmine, emerald green, and black. Complete directions for the application of this finish are given in Chapter XXI (The Importance Of Working Specifications), specification No. 37.

Many old bathtubs can be made to do good service again if refinished with Brighten-Up Bath Enamel. This enamel produces a porcelain-like surface that is very durable under the wear to which bathtubs are subjected. It is especially adapted for use on zinc and papier-mache tubs. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and each coat allowed to dry thoroughly; then you will get satisfactory results. Cheap enamels are frequently sold for this purpose, but they will not stand hot water for any great length of time. Bath enamel is made in porcelain, which is an extremely pure white. Complete specifications may be found in Chapter XXI (The Importance Of Working Specifications), specification No. 38.

It is from the retouching of the little things about the home with Gold or Aluminum Paint that one gets the greatest pleasure. This is undoubtedly due to the ease with which these Brighten-Up Finishes are applied, as well as to the satisfactory results obtained. With one coat of the Gold Paint or Enamel, a chair, radiator, or picture frame is magically given a bright, new finish. The gold finishes are suitable for radiators and other surfaces subjected to heat, as well as for tables, chairs, iron bedsteads, picture frames, and other bric-a-brac. The Brighten-Up Liquid Gold is ready for immediate use, and the enamel is made for those who prefer to have the liquid and bronze separate. One coat is sufficient in each case, except on unusually rough or worn surfaces upon which two or more coats can be applied.

The conditions surrounding the use of Brighten-Up Aluminum Paint are practically the same as for the Gold Paint. The objectionable banana-like odor is entirely eliminated in this material, and it will withstand the action of heat, and is, therefore, excellent for use on radiators and steampipes. Housewives are beginning to realize how much brighter and cleaner the kitchen, laundry, cellar, and other rooms of the home are when Aluminum Paint is used. It not only saves the necessity of frequent cleaning of rusty iron and metal surfaces, but improves the general appearance of rooms in which it is used. One coat of Aluminum Paint is usually sufficient, although on new work two coats are more satisfactory.