The comparatively recent advent of reinforced concrete and cement building construction has opened up a new field for painting materials that has not heretofore been explored. This has presented some new problems which could not be solved except with specially prepared finishing materials. After much investigation and practical tests, it has been found that a first coat of weatherproof coating should be applied to the concrete. This material thoroughly seals up the porous surfaces, making them satisfactory for the application of subsequent coats of paint and at the same time does not weaken the bond of the cement.

The surface is then ready for the finishing coat, S-W Concrete and Cement Finish. This coating is prepared in several attractive shades, all of which approximate the natural cement in color. They are light gray, slate, dull gray, green, stone, and light drab. The use of such a coating as has been referred to obliterates all form marks, dirt stains, and other irregularities of the surfaces and at the same time enables the original character of the surface to be preserved. Working specifications may be found in Chapter XXI (The Importance Of Working Specifications), specification No. 6.

On many of the English style of homes and concrete homes illustrated in this book a stained exterior finish for the wood trim has been used. Such a finish is most appropriate in combination with concrete or stucco, and the rich brown stains are invariably selected. A most durable finish of this kind can be obtained by following specification No. 7 in Chapter XXI (The Importance Of Working Specifications).

Frequently a stain is desired on cement or stucco itself which does not alter the general appearance. For such treatment S-W Cement and Stucco Stains are provided. Only one coat of this material is necessary unless the surface is badly soiled and spotted, when two coats may be applied. On cement and stucco exteriors, however, which have a smooth finish a first coat of Water Proof Cement Primer should be applied.