This tree grows in the swamps of the South. It furnishes most valuable wood because of its durability, claimed to be superior to that of other woods. It has always been used to a large extent for exterior work where it is exposed to the weather, and only since suitable stains have been provided has it been used for interior trim - Handcraft Stains penetrate the soft parts of its grain and emphasize the harder streaks, giving it a most attractive appearance in all parts of interior woodwork. Even doors and wainscotings take on a most satisfactory appearance when stained in such browns as Cathedral, Old English, Weathered, and Fumed, although any other Handcraft Stains can be used. It is a close-grained wood and therefore does not require filling. Specification 15 should be used for the stained effects and 13 for a natural finish. The velvet finish, which closely approximates the flat-rubbed effect, is particularly attractive on cypress (specification 11). The Mission finish in specification 9 can also be used on this wood.


Plate CXXVII. Cypress.