While it is no longer an easy matter to pick up well-authenticated pieces of Chippendale, Heppelwhite, Sheraton, or Adams furniture, excellent reproductions of all of these are procurable, if one is entirely familiar with the characteristics of the different designers, and can make their selections intelligently.

The Chimneypiece Seats with Curved Ends First Designed by Heppelwhite.

Plate LXXXIII. The Chimneypiece Seats with Curved Ends First Designed by Heppelwhite.

There is, to-day, a return of interest in handcraft work, and we are steadily growing away from the taste for factory-made furniture, unless it is from such factories as make a point of the best workmanship and most careful reproductions, as well as goodoriginaldesigns.

The window and chimney piece seats with curved ends, designed first by Hep-pelwhite, many of which found their way into the Colonial houses of our forefathers, are suitable only to rooms which are pure Colonial in type. This, however, applies to many pieces of Colonial furniture. Where one has a house of this style to furnish, careful assembling of old or well-reproduced pieces should be made. The work of fitting such a home will be found a labor of delight, but should never be hurried. Only the absolutely essential pieces should be purchased in the beginning. When these are in place, with wall coverings and draperies, the need for a pier table, a high-backed chair, or a sliding screen will be much more readily realized, and its place awaiting it.

In selecting wall coverings for the Colonial house (in which the walls are not all paneled), reproductions of the really old Colonial papers should be used. These are frequently found in soft neutral coloring and two-toned effects, although some of them show a wider range of colors, which, as a rule, are harmonious. \ he landscape papers, which were greatly favored in the time of the colonies, are some of the best of them now being made again, many of them from the old blocks. These, however, should be used with discretion. They will be found especially suited to large halls and high-ceiled dining-rooms, set above the wainscot. By the expenditure of much care and some money it is possible to have to-day a very perfect house of the Colonial type.

The Landscape Papers Which Were Greatly Favored.

Plate LXXXIV. The Landscape Papers Which Were Greatly Favored in the Time of the Colonies.