Mahogany is one of our most beautiful and valuable woods for furniture and interior finish. Its decorative value is due to a combination of beauty, working qualities, and durability. Its beauty is influenced by its wonderful grain, particularly noticeable in "crotch mahogany," and also by its rich brown color. These qualities are greatly increased by Handcraft staining.

Straight Mahogany.

Plate CXIX. Straight Mahogany.

Crotch Mahogany.

Plate CXX. Crotch Mahogany.

Mahogany is an open-grained wood and therefore requires filling (Mahogany Paste Filler). It is susceptible to the highest polish (see specification 16a), and is also very attractive when given a dull finish by rubbing the last varnish coat with pumice-stone and water. Our illustrations show both the straight-grained and the "crotch mahogany." This latter grain is caused by the crotches or junctures between branch and trunk, and on account of its great value is used largely as a veneer, - mahogany is a native tree of the West Indies and Central America, much of our supply coming from Mexico. The African field is the latest, and large quantities are now being distributed through English markets.

This wood is occasionally treated in a natural finish. It darkens slightly with age, and this tendency should be taken into consideration when staining. A variety of shades in mahogany stain are demanded, and therefore Handcraft mahogany stains are provided in light, medium, and dark. Any one of these shades can be reduced, as desired, by means of Handcraft Stain Reducer.