The maples are distributed over all of the continents of the northern hemisphere. They are fine grained and of compact texture, and form one of our most beautiful cabinet woods. One peculiarity of this wood is its fiber distortions, which cause the attractive "bird's-eye," "blister," and "curly" effects.


Plate CXXIII. Maple.

Maple is a very strong and tough wood, which shrinks moderately and is durable when placed in protected positions. It is used for interior finishing, flooring, furniture, and also for car and ship construction, implements, etc., where its strength is very essential. This wood is capable of many styles of stain and varnish finishing. It was first treated in a natural finish most frequently, but is now seen in mahogany, cherry, and silver gray, all Handcraft effects. Being a close-grained wood it does not require filling.

The white tones of maple do not affect the gray stains which are so often changed greatly by the yellow undertones of oak, pine, and other yellow woods. Handcraft Stain silver gray produces a very artistic effect on this wood (specification 9). Maple is frequently stained Handcraft mahogany and cherry. It lends itself admirably to these effects (specification 15).

Floors of maple finished with Mar-not are very durable and lasting (specifications 22, 23, 26, 28).