To aid in this work of definitely identifying a rug, Mr. Mumford has prepared exhaustive tables of characteristics which, after the name of each rug, give a kind of knot employed, the material used in the warp, weft, and pile, the finish of sides and apron or ends of the rug, and the number of stitches to the inch in both hori-zontal and perpendicular measurements. These tables, which are bound at the back of the above-mentioned book, will be found invaluable, and we refer our readers confidently to them.

Regarding the selection of appropriate rugs to certain rooms, it is not possible, of course, to advise specifically. Form, color, and decorative features of the rooms should govern the selection. It is interesting and remarkable in placing an Oriental rug in a room where some one color is dominant, to find how magically the perhaps almost hidden shade of this same color responds and comes out prominently in the rug. For instance, in the rich Mosaic of colors found in the Persian rugs, one may be conscious chiefly of the old ivory and dull red tones, but placed in a room where the side walls are covered in shades of old blue, immediately the pastel blue of the rug becomes pronounced. Where this response in color tone is not found in so placing a rug, one may definitely realize that the walls or draperies of the rooms must be changed, or the rug removed, to secure a harmonious effect.

Turkish   Bergamo.

Plate LIV. Turkish - Bergamo.

Turkoman Khiva or Afghan.

Plate LV. Turkoman Khiva or Afghan.

Turkoman   Yomund Bokhara.

Plate LVI. Turkoman - Yomund Bokhara.

Turkoman   Bokhara.

Plate LVII. Turkoman - Bokhara.

Persian   Hamadan (Camels' Hair).

Plate LVIII. Persian - Hamadan (Camels' Hair).

Persian   Saraband.

Plate LIX. Persian - Saraband.

Kirmanshah   One of the Highest Priced Persian Rugs Made.

Plate LX. Kirmanshah - One of the Highest Priced Persian Rugs Made. An American Oriental.

In the selection of Oriental rugs for the home, those of large figures and dominating designs should be used in rooms where the wall covering, draperies, and furniture upholstery are comparatively plain.

Persian rugs are found particularly suitable to rooms of delicate and dainty coloring. Among these the Tabriz, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah are always shown by good dealers.

For dining-rooms and libraries the larger rugs or carpets are to be preferred. Those of the Turkoman or Turkish division would be found especially suitable. The Bokhara or Tekke, Afghan, Belushistan, are among the division most readily found and recognized. Among the Turkish rugs, the Kaba-Karaman, the Anatolians (which are often prayer rugs), are most frequently found in the auction rooms and regular marts Of the Caucassian, the Kazak, Shirvan, and Daghestan.

Where buyers must content themselves with domestic rugs, it is not difficult to find excellent reproductions of a limited number of the Oriental designs. In many of these the coloring is wonderfully soft and true.

Persian   Kermanshah.

Plate LXI. Persian - Kermanshah.

Serapi (Persian). An American Oriental.

Plate LXII. Serapi (Persian). An American Oriental.

Scotch   Caledon.

Plate LXIII. Scotch - Caledon.

One factory in particular has been especially successful in its reproductions of some of these rugs. The quality and depth of the pile is excellent, and such as will insure long life to these rugs, even under severe usage.

Beautiful patterns and colors are to be found in some of the finer grades of Wilton, Axminster, and English velvet carpeting, from which rugs may be made.

For rooms in which of necessity much figure is used in wall covering and draperies, the plain or two-toned carpets are recommended. Such rugs may be purchased in an excellent line of soft colors, rich and dark, and should harmonize with the dominating color in the scheme of the room. These rugs are often woven with the plain center, finished by a ten or twelve-inch border several shades deeper in tone. Such floor covering sells for $3.75 a yard, twenty-seven inches wide, and may be ordered in any color or from a variety of designs. The stock sizes in both figured and plain rugs are slightly lower in price, - the size nine feet by twelve feet selling for $50.

For bedrooms and the living-rooms of cottages or simply furnished, inexpensive homes, the best quality of Brussels rugs is not at all a bad investment, if one chooses carefully, selecting the soft or neutral colors and small designs. Such rugs may be purchased in size nine feet by twelve feet for $27.50. In selecting the floor covering for rooms which throw well together, not only the room in which the rug will be actually placed should be considered, but the adjoining apartments. Velvet Wiltons with special borders are very effective, and can be obtained in special sizes, allowing an equal width of floor all around the room. Hand-woven rag rugs, in colors harmonizing with the general schemes, are shown in the various chambers (see Plate E). The Scotch rugs are extremely appropriate for dens and billiard rooms. These rugs are very tough and durable. They usually have plain centers with borders in simple Craftsman style.