IN compiling this hook, "Its Practicability" has been held constantly in mind. The determination to publish a book of real assistance to the home builder has placed it on a different plane from other publications of this character. Much has been written on the subject of Home Decoration, and in almost every instance the one vital point, "Practicability," has been wanting; many of these volumes are full of glittering generalities, from which very few of us can gather applicable points on decoration. There is a reason for this lack of real information and it is nothing more or less than the fear of that commercial tinge. It is that continual beating around the bush trying to give practical information without supplying anything specific.

We have endeavored to eliminate this difficulty in this volume. In the last chapters we have come out boldly and specified certain products which are necessary to produce certain effects, and we have gone carefully into the details of how such products should be used. In Chapter XX (Specifications For The Illustrations) we have provided specifications for both color and duotone illustrations in the book. These specifications cover the complete decorations in each case, and in such parts as woodwork, walls, floors, etc., the reader is referred to the proper working specifications in Chapter XXI (The Importance Of Working Specifications). In no other way can a book of this character be of real assistance to those who are about to decorate a new home or undertake redecorating of any kind.

It is furthermore our desire to place the services of our Decorative Department at the disposal of our readers. This department is fully equipped to furnish practical assistance to those who are about to build a new home or undertake remodeling or redecorating of any kind.

Preface 2