Plate XCIX


Ceiling - S-W Flat-tone Ivory 833. Specification No. 33.

Wall - S-W Flat-tone Buff Stone 839. Specification No. 33.

Woodwork - Oak - S-W Handcraft Stain Brown Oak. Specification No. 9.

Floor - Oak - S-W Handcraft Stain Brown Oak, reduced 75 per cent. Specification No. 25.

Over-curtains - Blue Cloister Cloth with Applique and Valance of Natural Color Linen to which a Stencil has been applied.

Rugs - Thread and Thrum Negamo 1425/381.

Portieres - Same as over-curtains, omitting the valance.

Furniture - Mission Type in stain similar to that of woodwork.