Specification No. 37 - Brighten-Up Finish Enamel For Woodwork Or Furniture

Lightly sand the surface to be enameled after it has been thoroughly cleaned and is perfectly dry. Then apply one coat of Brighten-Up Enamel Ground. This coat should also be sanded lightly after being allowed to dry thoroughly. One coat of Brighten-Up Finish Enamel, in the color selected, should then be applied.

Note : - If the surface is in poor condition, two coats of Enamel Ground may be necessary.

Specification No. 38 - Brighten-Up Finish Bath Enamel

The surface of the tub should be very thoroughly clean, free from grease and soap, and then allowed to become perfectly dry. Rub the surface with fine sandpaper or pumice-stone until smooth, to better enable the enamel to adhere. Apply three coats of Brighten-Up Bath Enamel Porcelain. Apply with a fitch or soft bristle brush, spreading evenly and in thin coats. Allow at least forty-eight hours to dry, and for best results sand lightly with fine sandpaper or moss between each coat. Several days should be allowed after enameling before submitting water to such a surface, then run in cold water first, to assist in hardening the enamel.

Specification No. 39 - Stain And Varnish Remover (Taxite)

Apply one full coat of Taxite to the surface to be cleaned. As soon as the old paint or varnish becomes soft, the coat should be removed with a scraping or putty knife. Hard coatings may require a second application of Taxite. After removing the old paint or varnish, the surface of the wood should be cleaned at once with benzine, gasoline, or wood alcohol. When thoroughly dry, the surface is ready for refinishing.

Specification No. 40 - White Enamel Finish On Any Wood (Enamelastic Exterior)

All exterior woodwork or other parts designated (Enamelastic) shall be finished as follows: Three or more coats, as may be necessary, of Sherwin-Williams Flat-tone "White" shall be applied to produce a perfect surface and foundation for following coats of Sherwin-Williams Enamelastic. Allow sufficient time for thorough drying between coats of Flat-tone, and sand each coat with 00 sandpaper, avoiding all brush marks. After this surface has been approved by architect or owner, apply two coats of Sherwin-Williams Enamelastic Exterior, allowing sufficient time between coats for thorough drying.

Specification No. 41 - Handcraft System On Open-Grained Woods

(except effect numbers 1, 24, 25, 26)

All oak (or other open-grained woodwork) in the following rooms shall be finished as follows: One coat of Sherwin-Williams Handcraft System Stain, effect number selected by owner or architect, shall first be applied and allowed to stand eighteen to twenty-four hours for thorough drying. A coat of Sherwin-Williams Handcraft System Lacquer shall then be applied. Both stain and lacquer shall be applied with a good fitch brush. After the lacquer is thoroughly dry, sandpaper with 0000 finishing paper to a perfectly smooth surface. Next apply a coat of Sherwin-Williams Handcraft System Toner thinned with pure spirits turpentine to the consistency of paint. The toner shall be applied to only such amount of surface at a time as will permit of its being wiped off perfectly clean with a soft cloth, removing all the toner from the work except that which remains and is meant to remain in the pores of the wood.

Handcraft System, effect numbers 1, 24, 25, or 26, shall be used in the following rooms, and the following shall be added to the above specification for "Handcraft System." Allow the work to dry over night for the toner which is left in the pores to harden perfectly; then apply a coat of Sherwin-Williams Handcraft System Finishing.