These trees are not related, but all have similar qualities and uses. The illustrations show great similarity of the grain, which is close in each case and does not require filling. They are frequently used for interior woodwork, wooden-ware, and paper pulp. White-wood is particularly suitable for carvings, while all three woods are used for interior woodwork. The fact that these woods are all rather light in color and have no pronounced grain makes them especially suitable for white enamel woodwork. They have less tendency to yellow streaking than yellow pine, although good undercoatings are essential. The white enamel specification is 18. At the same time these woods can be finished natural satisfactorily (specification 13). By staining white-wood Handcraft Stain mahogany, a fair representation is obtained because of the absence of strong grain. (Specification 15.)


Plate CXXX. Poplar.


Plate CXXLX. Cottonwood.


Plate CXXXI. Whitewood.