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Furniture Books

Books that will help you make your own furniture or repair the existing furniture.

-Colonial Furniture In America | by Luke Vincent Lockwood
During the eleven years that have elapsed since the publication of the first edition of this work, many important pieces of furniture have been brought to the attention of the writer, which substantiate the theory of development therein expressed. The writer has had the opportunity to examine several thousand pieces of American and English furniture, and from this examination it has become possible to determine in many instances the section of the country in which a piece was made. This examination has also shown the importance of mouldings in determining date and locality, and emphasis has been placed upon this feature throughout this work. So much new material has been acquired that the book has been entirely rewritten, the type reset, and the form extended to two volumes.
-Early English Furniture and Woodwork | by Herbert Cescinsky, Ernest. R. Gribble
In the attempt to write a history of English furniture and woodwork showing its development in an orderly progression, one is confronted by an initial difficulty; where to begin. Of woodwork prior to the fourteenth century we know very little, and of furniture practically nothing. Even if isolated specimens, for illustration, were available, - which is not the case, - they would be useless for our present purpose. I have pointed out, in other books on the subject, that an account of the evolution of furniture types, - especially when an attempt is made to date examples, - must be a chronicle of the fashions which prevailed at various periods...
-French Furniture | by Andre Saglio
The history of furniture in a country of a civilisation so old and so brilliant as that of France is a very different thing from a technical review of archaeology or art. It is the history of the very soul of a people, with its alternations of grandeur and of degradation, of achievement and of failure; in a word, it is the history of the inner life of a nation, a life that is too often overlooked in studying the glorious or tragic episodes in which kings and nobles overshadow their subjects. Yet those subjects are as important as dynasties in the annals of history. Turn, for instance, for a moment from the accounts of the victories of this or that conqueror to the home of some one of the men whose destinies he controls...
-French And English Furniture | by Esther Singleton
Distinctive styles and periods described and illustrated
-A Glossary Of English Furniture Of The Historic Periods | J. Penderel-Brodhurs and Edwin J. Layton
The output of books upon furniture, English and foreign, has of late years acquired a very large volume, and the work of almost every period has been described and illustrated, often many times over. But amid this extensive and ever-growing literature there is still no work of reference which, with simplicity and brevity and in a handy form, defines the meaning and scope of the technical terms and historical allusions to be found upon almost every page of any book dealing with furniture. No subject, and this, perhaps, least of all, can profitably be studied without a clear understanding of the descriptive language which has grown up around it. Dictionaries are of little help to the general reader and of still less to the student, and the lack of anything in the nature of a reasonably full and systematic Glossary of English Furniture, embodying the names and dates of the great exemplars of the famous English styles, led the authors to make this attempt to fill the gap...
-English Furniture | by Frederick S. Robinson
The aim of this book is to be of some assistance to those who collect, or propose to collect, English furniture. The subjects of the plates, therefore, have been chosen mainly for the purpose of affording a good general view of the usual types with which a collector may meet. A false idea of English furniture would be formed if the majority of the objects reproduced were such as are seldom or never found for sale. At the same time, there are included many rare and beautiful pieces to demonstrate the artistic and technical skill of English designers and cabinetmakers...
-Dutch And Flemish Furniture | by Esther Singleton
No special inducement need be held out to an educated Englishman at the present day to take an interest in a particular field of the arts and crafts of the Low Countries. Long before the nobles of Flanders, France and England were associated in attempts to free the holy places from the pollution of infidel possession, the dwellers on the opposite coasts of England, Normandy and the Netherlands had been bound together by many dynastic and trade bonds. As we follow the course of history, we find that the interests of the English and the Flemings were inextricably connected; and there was a constant stream of the manufactures of the Low Countries pouring into English ports...
-A History Of Furniture | by Albert Jacquemart
With chapters on tapestry. oriental embroidery and leather work, bronzes, ivobies and other figures, clocks and time pieces, wrought iron, brass and other metal work, jewellery, gems and enamels, glass and ceramics, oriental lacquer and varnish, etc.,
-Box Furniture | by Louise Brigham
How to make a hundred useful articles for the home
-Furniture | by Esther Singleton
Various furniture styles are presented in this book.
-Furniture Designing And Draughting | by Alvan Crocker Nye
Notes on the elementary forms, methods of construction and dimensions of common articles of furniture
-The Practical Cabinet Maker And Furniture Designer's Assistant | by Frederick Thomas Hodgson
With essays on history of furniture, taste in design, color and materials, with full explanation of the canons of good taste in furniture. Together with many practical directions for making cabinet work generally, and a number of pieces of furniture in particular, along with hundreds of recipes for finishing, staining, varnishing, polishing and gilding all kinds of cabinet work.
-Furniture Of The Olden Time | by Frances Clary Morse
The furniture of the American colonies was at first of English manufacture, but before long cabinet-makers and joiners plied their trade in New England, and much of the furniture now found there was made by the colonists. In New Amsterdam, naturally, a different style prevailed, and the furniture was Dutch. As time went on and the first hardships were surmounted, money became more plentiful, until by the last half of the seventeenth century much fine furniture was imported from England and Holland, and from that time fashions in America were but a few months behind those in England.
-Home Furnishing | by George Leland Hunter
Facts and figures about furniture carpets and rugs, lamps and lighting fixtures, wall papers, window shades and draperies, tapestries, etc.
-How To Collect Old Furniture | by Frederick Litchfield
IN another work on the subject of Furniture I have endeavoured to trace the changes in style and fashion from Antique to Mediaeval, from Mediaeval to Renaissance, and from Renaissance to Modern, but in the following notes I have attempted to give the reader some descriptions of the various kinds of furniture, made in different countries, from the sixteenth to the middle of the nineteenth century, omitting the earlier periods. As examples of the latter are seldom seen except in museums, they are, for all practical purposes, unobtainable by the collector of ordinary means.
-How To Buy Furniture For The Home | by Forrest Loman Oilar
Furniture is one of the chief requisites in our lives, promoting, as it does, health and happiness. Few have wealth, but all must have a home. Do we realize what a factor the furnishing of a home is, in the scheme of modern civilization ? We have as much a duty in educating the home-maker in the selection of furniture as in preaching civic beauty. To create harmony in a home is to raise the average of culture and intelligence...
-Hints On Household Taste In Furniture, Upholstery And Other Details | by Charles L. Eastlake
There are an increasing number of people in all classes who are desiring to live among more picturesque surroundings. Mr. C. L. Eastlake has just published a handsome volume which will be of immense value to such persons, and will tend to increase their number. "Hints on Household Taste" is a plea for the artistic furnishing of our houses, and a guide to such furnishing.
-Home Furnishing, Practical And Artistic | by Alice M. Kellogg
The progressive spirit of the new century and the rapid artistic development throughout our country have awakened a widespread, intelligent interest in all matters relating to the Art of the House. The interior of the home is naturally a reflection of its occupants, and the possibility of achieving satisfying results has created an ardent desire for adequate knowledge. Even in homes of moderate cost an effort to unite beauty and utility has become remarkably apparent, and, fortunately, artistic surroundings are not dependent on large outlays of money...
-Old Oak Furniture | Fred Roe
The object which the writer has aimed at in the present work is to classify the various examples of each article of furniture as near as may be in chronological order. I have in the great majority of cases, and wherever it has been possible, based my descriptions and theories on personal investigation of the articles discussed, whether English or Continental, occasionally supporting conjectures as to dates by the external evidence of contemporary writers or manuscript illustrators. In studying the history of furniture, it should always be remembered that the restoration of rare or unusual objects in one's mind's eye, though an intensely fascinating occupation, is one which is apt to lead astray. Viollet le Duc, while giving a most astounding series of details from personal research, obviously romances at times through this love of elaboration. While admiring the greatness of his master-mind, I have endeavoured to withstand the insidious temptation of reconstruction.
-The Old Furniture Book | by Hannah Hudson Moore
With a sketch of past days and ways. With one hundred and twelve illustrations
-The Practical Book Of Period Furniture | by Harold Donaldson Eberlein And Abbot McClure
Treating of furniture of the English, American colonial and post-colonial and principal French periods
-Style In Furniture | by R. Davis Benn
The following pages have been written with two distinct aims in view. In the first place, it has been my endeavour to treat my subject in such a vein as to render the text interesting to those who may wish to acquire sufficiently accurate knowledge of old English and some French furniture in order that they may be able to distinguish one style from another, to apportion each to its proper period, and to learn something of the history of all, without entering upon a very deep study of the questions involved. For inquirers of this class, I trust that my general remarks in each chapter will afford the necessary information.
-Hints And Practical Information For Cabinet-Makers, Upholsterers, And Furniture Men Generally Author: John Phin
Together with a description of all kinds of Finishing, with full directions Varnishes, Polishes, Stains for Wood, Dyes for Wood. Gilding and Silvering, Receipts for the Factory, Lacquers, Metals, Marbles etc. Pictures, Engravings, etc. Miscellaneous.
-Practical Hints For Furniture Men | by John Phin
Relating to all kinds of Finishing, with full directions Varnishes, Polishes, Stains for Wood, Dyes for Wood. Gilding and Silvering, Receipts for the Factory, Lacquers, Metals, Marbles etc. Pictures, Engravings, etc. Miscellaneous.
-The Bedroom And Boudoir | by Lady Barker
Too much attention can scarcely be expended on our sleeping rooms in order that we may have them wholesome, convenient and cheerful. It is impossible to over-estimate the value of refreshing sleep to busy people, particularly to those who are obliged to do much brainwork. In the following pages will, we hope, be found many hints with regard to the sanitary as well as the ornamental treatment of the bedroom.
-The Practical Book Of Furnishing The Small House And Apartment | by Edward Stratton Holloway
We are so blinded by custom that we seldom consider what a mysterious endowment of our human nature is this sense of beauty and our satis-faction in it, and our longing for its perfect presence. Beyond what is useful, what is true, what is good and orderly and just, there clings to the soul of man this idea of what is infinitely beautiful. A man may not be able to explain it, but there it is. He may not be able to agree with other men as to what constitutes such beauty, but the sense of it is there in him and in them, importunate, indestructible. Canon George William Douglas, Cathedral Of St. John The Divine, New York. From an ex tempore address at the Cathedral Auxilliary meeting, Diocese of Pennsylvania, reprinted in The Living Church.
-It's Fun To Build Things | by W. T. R. Price
This book teaches you how to make all kinds of shelving, window seats, cupboards, closet-fittings, and simple pieces of movable furniture. You can amazingly multiply the conveniences of your house, often improving its appearance and have fun doing it.
-Furniture A Girl Can Make | by William W. Klenke
This book is written for the home economics girl whose work shop is limited to the tools found around the house we have omitted all technical terms and advanced types of joinery requiring specialized tools. All of the models can be made from materials at hand or from a trip or two to the lumber yard, hardware, or dime store. Special effort has been made to suggest low-cost materials, and in many cases discarded packing boxes or other materials are used. The projects have been selected so that when each is finished the home itself has been improved in comfort, convenience and beauty.

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