Service switch shall be installed in a moisture-proof metal box with hinged door.

Panel Cabinet

The distributing panel cabinet shall be of steel not less than No. 12 gage reinforced with angle iron frames, which shall be securely riveted in place. Cabinet shall be larger than panel to give at least 4-inch wire space around panel and shall be given at least two coats of mois-ture-repellant paint.

Distributing Panel

The distributing panel shall consist of two-wire 125-volt branch cutouts, two-wire 125-volt porcelain-base panel-board units, two-wire 125-volt porcelain-base deadfront panel-board units. The distributing panel shall be surrounded with an ebony asbestos or slate partition 1/2, inch thick which will form a wire space around panel.


All fuses for branch circuits shall be not more than 10 amperes capacity. The contractor shall furnish the owner with 150 per cent. of required number of 125-volt plug-type fuses for complete installation.

Panel Trim And Door

The panel trim and door shall be of steel, with brass cylinder lock and concealed hinges, all furnished under this contract. A directory of circuits and outlets served by panel shall be enclosed in glass with metal frame, mounted on inside of panel door.


All hardware furnished under this contract shall match in quality and finish other adjacent hardware.

Three-Way Control

The nearest outlet at top and bottom of all stairs and in entrance hall shall be controlled by three-way switches located on separate floors where directed.

Electrolier Control

Wherever there are ceiling outlets for fixtures having three or more sockets controlled by wall switches three wires shall be run between the switch box and the outlet to permit the use of electrolier switches.

Dining-Room Circuit

Furnish and install in dining-room, where indicated on plans, an approved floor box containing an approved 25-ampere plug receptacle. The wires connecting this receptacle to the center of distribution shall be No. 10 B. & S. gage. Furnish and deliver to whom directed an approved multiple-connection block consisting of three individually fused plug receptacles. The connection between the plug receptacle and this block shall be made by means of 10 feet of No. 10 B. & S. approved silk-covered portable cord with an approved 20-ampere cord connector 2 feet from the multiple block.

House Feeders

The size of the feeder from the service switch to the panel board shall be figured in accordance with the National Code rules for carrying capacity, allowing for all circuits being fully loaded. The feeder shall be of sufficient size, however, to confine the drop in voltage with all lights in circuit to 1 per cent. of the line voltage.

Service Connection

Make extension of house feeder overhead to lighting company's mains and make all connections complete to the satisfaction of the light company and the architect. Furnish and install the necessary frame or backboard for meter.