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Fixing and Repair Books

A collection of home fixing up and repair books

-Paint Making And Color Grinding | by Charles L. Uebele
A practical treatise for paint manufacturers and factory managers, including comprehensive information regarding factory ... as practical working formulas and recipes.
-Chromatography; Or, A Treatise On Colours And Pigments, And Of Their Powers In Painting | by George Field
The progress of the Art of Painting under the happy auspices of this favoured country, the refinement of taste which it has so universally diffused, and the predilection which prevails for its study and practice as a necessary branch of polite education, render acceptable whatever can facilitate the acquisition, or advance the ends, of this useful, elegant, and enlightening accomplishment. Nor are the concerns of this art uninteresting in a still higher view, since whatever refines the taste, enhances the powers and improves the disposition and morals of a people, - and whatever improves the morals, promotes the happiness of man, individual and social. Hence the high moral and political value of this art, to say nothing of its commercial and religious uses, upon which so much stress has been justly laid.
-Cyclopedia Of Painting | by George D. Armstrong
Containing Useful and Valuable Information on the Following Subjects: Adulteration of Paint - Blistering of Paint - Brushes - Cal-cimining - Carriage Painting - China Painting - Colors - Color Harmony - Color Mixing - Color Testing - Exterior Painting - Gilding - Graining - House Painting - Marbling - Mildew - Oils and Driers - Oil Painting on Glass - Painting a Bath Tub - Painting in Distemper - Paperhanger's Tools - Paperhanging - Pigments - Plain Oil Painting - Primary Colors - Priming - Scenic Painting - Sign Painting - Stains - Staining - Stencilling - Turpentine - Varnishes - Varnishing - Water Color Painting - When Not to Paint - Practical Points on Painting - Useful Information
-Paint And Varnish Facts And Formulae | by J. N. Hoff
A hand book for the maker, dealer and user of paints and varnishes.
-How To Take Care Of Your Home | by Douglas Tuomey
How To Take Care Of Your Home is written by a man who not only can tell you how to do your own repair work, but who can actually take up the tools and do it himself. Before adopting writing as a profession, Mr. Tuomey spent over thirty years in the building business as a contractor, and is an expert in plumbing, heating, masonry, carpentry, roofing and allied trades.
-The Care Of A House | by T. M. Clark
A volume of suggestions to householders, housekeepers, landlords, tenants, trustees, and others, for the economical and efficient care of dwelling-houses
-Mechanics Of The Household | by E. S. Keene
A course of study devoted to domestic machinery and household mechanical appliances
-Practical Concrete Work for the School and Home | by H. Colin Campbell
Concrete has been the theme of many books. No excuse can be found for this one by claiming that the subject has not been written of before, yet the authors feel that there is a good excuse or reason for their efforts. While most of the volumes that have been written upon concrete are full of valuable information, the interested person has too frequently found that they contain but a little which really responds to his interest.
-Repairs: How To Measure And Value Them | by George Stephenson
A handbook for the use of builders, decorators, etc.

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