The painter will probably be surprised at finding the number of browns obtainable.

Acorn Brown

This is very similar to a rich chocolate, and may be made in the same way.


This is an orange brown in hue, and may be made by mixing fourteen parts of black, one of white, two of orange and three of yellow.

Arabian Brown

This is a dark terra-cotta, and may be made by adding white and black to Indian red.

Argus Brown

This is a very dark brown, and may be made by mixing twelve parts of black with two parts of orange and one part of yellow.

Auburn Tan

Mix together one part of burnt umber, three parts of golden ochre and twenty parts of white lead.

Camel Hair Pencils.

Fig. 24. Camel Hair Pencils.

Autumn Leaf

This is also called leather lake. It may be made by mixing on a base of white lead, French ochre, orange chrome yellow and Venetian red.


A shade of this name may be produced by using two parts of black, one of red and one of orange, which mixed together form an orange brown.

Bismark Brown

This color is obtained by mixing with six parts of black, one part of orange and one of yellow.


This color is principally used by artists. It must not be mixed with oil, and it is not always reliable for its permanency. It may be imitated by mixing together ten parts of black with two of red and a little green.

Bronze Brown

Black colored with a little orange chrome and bright green.


The methods of obtaining different browns will be found under the headings of the respective names, such as Chestnut, etc. A good average brown may be obtained by mixing together three of Indian red, two parts of lamp black and one part of yellow ochre. A lighter color is obtained by using more ochre and less black, in fact, a large variety of brown tints may be produced by varying the proportions of ochre and black.

Burnt Rose

This is a dark red brown shade. To produce it use eight parts of black, one and half parts of red, two parts of orange, and one of blue.

Burnt Sienna

This is a sienna calcined, the effect being to produce a darker shade.

Burnt Umber

This is a rich dark greenish brown, but the shade varies considerably in different qualities. Turkey umber is the richest. Umbers should always be purchased ground ready for use.

Cafe Au Lait

To produce this shade mix five parts of black, three of white, one of yellow and a little orange. A little red may also be added if desired.

Cappagh Brown

This is an artist's color of a reddish brown color, being very like umber.


This rich brown may be obtained by mixing four parts of medium chrome yellow and two parts of Venetian red. One part of yellow ochre may be added if desired.