From this single example it can readily be seen that contrasting colors often give the very best results. A wall painted green may look very monotonous, but if a frieze, having some bright red used liberally in it, is used in conjunction there will be a vast difference in the appearance of the apartment.


A Red Wall. Red may graduate from Indian red to what would practically be a warm gray. Any color going with a selected tone or tint needs to be modified so as to harmonize with it. If a wall has a paper colored in light red and gold, and it is desirable that the woodwork should be red too, it must differ from the color of the wall in tone and in intensity.

A Crimson Wall may have amber woodwork with cream colored mouldings, or they may be heliotrope for contrast.

A Scarlet Wall may have light snuff brown, or a sage green, for the woodwork, with yellow green mouldings, or they may be white.

A Yellow Red Wall, in which scarlet has been tempered with an excess of chrome, will bear a raw number tone of brown for the woodwork, with ivory or white mouldings.

A Pink Toned Wall. With this the woodwork may be a yellowish green, with or without straw colored mouldings, or two shades of citrine, with pearl gray tor contrast in the mouldings.

For a Dark Red, inclining to purple, the woodwork may be a sage or myrtle green, with amber mouldings.

A Poppy Red. Gray green, lavender and black may be used for this.

All warm tones and shades of green or gray may be used with red, provided they get their hues by contrast with the red. Any blue associated with red must be slaty or purple in tone. If the color of a wallpaper is heliotrope, inclined to red, the woodwork may be cream. If the heliotrope inclines to yellow, straw color should be adopted.


A Blue Wall of a Purple Tone. With this yellowish orange, amber, salmon pink or terra cotta will harmonize according to the value of the wall color.

A Peacock Tone or Blue Wall. This calls for orange red, deep amber, warm brown, cool brown, or both.

A Sapphire Blue Wall. Chocolate woodwork in two tones, with amber mouldings. Pearl gray and cream will go with this color.

A Wall of an Ultramarine Tone. Light warm gray and cool yellow brown go happily with this.

A Neutral Blue Wall will unite with citron and chocolate, or a warm gray green, or a blue green gray and salmon.

A Slate Colored Wall of a Blue Tone. For this there is plum color and lavender, puce and orange to choose from.


This color ranges from a rich sienna to a lemon tone, from citrine to a cream.

A Yellow Wall. Plum color, slate, brown or citrine may be used with this.

A Gold Colored Wall. The woodwork may be in two tones of lavender, with citrine mouldings.

An Orange Colored Wall. The color for the wood may be purple tone of red, with maroon mouldings, or if light mouldings be required, citrine would serve.

A Canary Colored Wall. Vellum color, with deep ivory mouldings, may be adopted for the woodwork.

A Deep Terra Cotta Wall. A selection from buff, sage green, Indian red, vermilion, white and black either or any. may be selected, the strong colors in the small parts.

Fresco Bristle Brushes.

Fig. 21. Fresco Bristle Brushes.

A Primrose Tone of Wall. Tones of snuff Drown, me-dium yellow green, and lavender may be selected.

A Neutral or Drab Wall. Shades of olive green, Venetian red, and lilac go well together.


This color is perhaps the best wearing color for woodwork. There are infinite tints and shades, from sober to rich, from cool to warm. Blue agrees especially with brown.

Deep brown, light blue, and gold go well together.

Light Purple Tone of Brown Wall. The woodwork may be yellow red, with cream mouldings.

A Brown Ingrain Wall. The woodwork may be in two tones, made from indigo blue, with amber mouldings.

A Gold Colored Brown Wall would unite with woodwork of a red tone of purple, with plum colored mouldings, or a warm gray may be used.

Burnt Sienna Brown Tone of Wall. With this, salmon and myrtle harmonize.


This color, so extensive in nature, will agree with all colors, provided they are toned to suit each other, warm or cold, neutral or bright.

An Olive Green Wall will agree with maroon woodwork with a crimson lake, straw or pink tone for the mouldings.

A Medium Green Colored Wall. If two tones of red, a crimson tone and a yellow tone be adopted, the mouldings, if desired, may be a salmon buff.

A Gray Green Wall may have a primrose tone of woodwork, with a scarlet tone for mouldings.

A Moss Green Tone of Wall will associate well with citrine woodwork, and salmon colored panels or mouldings.

A Pea or Leaf Green Wall goes well with a chocolate and a lavender.