This is an artist's color. Its rich red tint can hardly be imitated. A light vermilionette of good grade, to which is added a little brighl yellow, may be used.

Carnation Red

Three parts of carmine lake and one part of white lead give a carnation color, but a better result is obtained by taking pure vermilion as a base and adding carmine and zinc white until the desired rich color is obtained. This color is not suitable for use outside.

Carnation Rose

White lead tinted with Indian red or vermilion, or one of the fast reds. A beautiful color can be obtained by simply tinting white with permanent crimson madder.

Cherry Red

Mix together crimson lake, burnt sienna and azure blue, or two parts of vermilion and one part of carmine.


Mix two parts of carmine with one of ultramarine blue. A little vermilion may be added if desired, and this may render a little yellow necessary to tone down the color. A less rich color may be made by mixing Venetian red and yellow ochre.

Coral Pink

This color is useful only on inside work. It is made by mixing five parts of vermilion, two parts of white lead and one part of chrome yellow. Another recipe for producing shades of coral pink is: one part of white, three of red, five of orange, and three of blue.

Dregs Of Wine

This shade is produced by mixing Venetian red with a little lamp black and white lead


A dull yellowish crimson made by using five parts of black, one and half of white, two of orange, and one of blue, and a very little red.


A dull orange red produced by mixing two parts of black, three of red, one of orange, and a little yellow.

Flesh Color

One hundred and twenty parts white lead, two parts yellow ochre, and one part Venetian red will produce an excellent flesh color. Or mix eight parts of white lead, two parts of orange chrome yellow, and one part of light Venetian red. An increased proportion of red may be employed where desired. A mixture of orange and white in the proportion of one part of the former to three parts of the latter may also be used, or a mixture of medium chrome yellow, ochre, and Venetian red added to white.

French Red

Use equal parts of Indian red and vermilion, and glaze with carmine or permanent crimson madder.


To obtain this mix Venetian red, lamp black and Indian red, and add sufficient white lead to produce the desired shade.


To produce this color use nine parts of bright red and one of blue. Or Indian red may be used, afterwards glazing with madder lake for good work. Most of the larger color manufacturers make geranium red which is better than can be obtained by mixing.

Indian Pink

Tint white lead with a little Indian red.

Indian Red

This is a good permanent pigment to be bought ready made, and is most useful in mixing with other colors.