Light Pink

Tint white lead with a little pure vermilion. The word pink does not bear any very definite meaning, as almost any bright red such as carmine or crimson added to plenty of white give a good pink just as vermilion does, but of another hue. A very pretty and useful pink is made by adding white to permanent crimson madder.

Light Salmon

Tint white lead with raw Italian sienna, burnt Italian sienna, and burnt Turkey umber. Or tint white with any bright red, toning down with sienna.


A great deal of difference of opinion exists as to this tint. One part of ultramarine to one part of bright carmine, added to eighty parts white lead, give a very good lilac. A cheaper way is to use Indian red and lamp black as a tinting color, or rose pink may be added to the lead only. Yet another method for producing a lilac is to mix three parts of bright Indian red, three parts of white lead, and one part of ultramarine blue, but less white lead is preferred by some painters. A touch of yellow will help this color if too raw for the purpose.

Madder Lake

This is principally used by artists, but it is useful to the house decorator for glazing the best work where a bright red is required.


Carmine and vermilion, with a little ultramarine blue, produce this color.


This color is obtained by mixing carmine and blue black, and adding a small quantity of medium chrome yellow. It may also be made by mixing one part of ultramarine blue with three parts of Tuscan red. This gives a tint that is often considered a little too red, but this defect may easily be remedied by adding more blue. Some painters add ivory black and a little chrome yellow to carmine.

Mexican Red

Mix one part of red lead with four parts of Venetian red.


Three parts of blue and seven of red, mixed with a little white, give this purplish red shade.

Moorish Red

Mix together three parts of vermilion and one part of rose pink.


This is a very dark purple obtained by adding a little blue and just a tinge of red to black.

Old Rose

Tint white lead with French ochre, Indian red and lamp black, or Venetian red and a very little lamp black may be used if desired.

Opaque Pink

Tint white lead with red lead.

Opera Pink

Tint white lead with a mixture of five parts of vermilion and one part of medium chrome green.

Oriental Red

Mix one part of red lead with two parts of Indian red.

Orange Scarlet

This color may be obtained by adding two parts of orange lead to one part of white lead.

Orange Vermilion

Orange lead comes nearest to this color. The tone may be made by adding chrome to vermilion.

Peach Bloom

This is a mixture of white lead and Venetian red. Or it may be produced by adding sufficient Indian red to white lead to give a warm tint and mixing it with equal proportions of white lead, lemon chrome yellow, ultramarine blue and light Indian red. Or a mixture of three parts of Indian red with seventeen parts of white is sometimes used.