White lead tinted with orange lead gives a bright pink.


Mix with equal parts of white lead. Indian red and ultramarine blue in the proportion of two parts of lead to one of each of the other colors. This makes a dark plum that is only suitable for inside work. If a light tint is desired add more white lead. A very rich plum may be obtained by mixing together ultramarine blue and carmine, and adding a little white and a little yellow.

Pompeian Red

Small quantities of bright red and orange are mixed with black to produce this shade.


Blue and vermilion mixed in the proportion of one of the former to twenty-four of the latter give this shade. Some color mixers prefer to add a bright yellow instead of the blue.


Light Indian red, four parts; white lead, three parts; ultramarine, blue, two parts; or a purple may be obtained by mixing Indian red and white. A mixture preferred by some painters is made by mixing ultramarine and vermilion with a little white. A little crimson lake gives richness to the color.

Red Ochre

This earth color is cheap, and can be readily bought in most places. It can be imitated by mixing Indian red and chrome and adding a little vermilion.

Red Terra Cotta

Use equal proportions of burnt sienna and white lead. The tone may be varied by the addition of either of the umbers and the chromes. A good bright terra cotta is also made by using Venetian red as a base and coloring up with ochre and a touch of lake.

Regal Purple

Mix together four parts of white lead, two parts of cobalt blue and one part of carmine lake.


Mix black with half its quantity of red and add a very small proportion of blue and white.


Five parts of white lead mixed with two parts of carmine give a rose color that is suitable for inside work only. An admirable rose color may be obtained by using zinc white instead of white lead, as the zinc is a much purer white than the lead, and hence gives a purer tint.

Rose Carnation

Mix together one part of rose madder and eight parts of oxide of zinc. This is a beautiful color, but the madder is too expensive for use except by artists.

A very successful color can be produced from permanent crimson madder.

Rose Wood

To produce this color, red is mixed with about twelve times the quantity of black and a very little green. The shade given is a very dark red.

Royal Pink

Mix together two parts of zinc white and carmine lake. This will only do for inside work.

Royal Purple

Mix one part of vegetable black, one and one-half of rich red, and seven of Prussian blue.


Six parts of white lead, one part of vermilion, and a little lemon chrome yellow. This mixture produces a color somewhat bright. Another salmon color is made by a mixture of raw sienna, burnt sienna and burnt umber. A tint preferred by some is produced by adding to the white, Venetian red, burnt umber and French ochre. Another method is to add vermilion and golden ochre to white, which gives a nice bright color. Venetian red and chrome, added to white, gives a duller color. Still another mixture is Venetian red, vermilion, yellow ochre and white.