Scarlet Lake

A color very similar may be obtained in one of the many vermilionettes on the market. It will be convenient to remember that all vermilions are lightened by the use of pale chrome instead of white lead. Lead takes down the brilliancy of the color, producing a pink.

Scarlet Red

It is the name given to the brightest of the oxide paints.

Shell Pink

This color is sometimes made by adding a little good Indian red to white, but some decorators prefer to use vermilion with a little chrome yellow and burnt sienna.

Shrimp Pink

Mix Venetian red, burnt sienna and white lead, and add a little vermilion.

Signal Red

This is usually made by mixing orange lead, vermilionette and Paris white, or orange lead by itself may be tinted with vermilionette.

Salmon Pink

Tint white lead with equal parts of orange chrome and vermilion. If zinc white is used instead of lead the color will be found brighter.

Terra Cotta

Mix together two parts of white lead and one part of burnt sienna. One of the best ways to produce a good terra cotta wall is to give a good under coat of white lead, orange chrome and a little Venetian red, and when dry to apply a finished coat made from Venetian red and a little orange chrome to which has been added a little white.

Turkish Crescent Red

Mix equal proportions of Indian red, vermilionette and rose pink.

Tuscan Red

This can be bought ready made, and may be imitated by mixing ten parts of Indian red with one part rose pink. Indian red is very similar in color but somewhat darker.

Venetian Pink

Tint white lead with a little Venetian red.

Venetian Red

This color is one of the most useful that the house painter has, being cheap, and having good covering power and body. It is not very good for tinting purposes. It would not, of course, be often imitated, but Indian red - a very similar pigment - could be tinted with red. Or it may be imitated by mixing vermilion, yellow ochre, madder, carmine and a little Cappagh brown, which is an artist's color and is rarely used by house painters.


This bright red cannot be imitated by an admixture of ordinary pigments, but there are many excellent substitutes on the market, most of them being vermil-ionettes.

Wine Color

Add a little ivory black to a mixture of carmine and vermilion.