Painters' scrapers are shown in Fig. 61: A - Clipped point, metal bolster, coeabola wood handle. B - Square point, metal bolster, coeabola handle. C - Clipped point, steel ferrule, half elastic. D - Square point, flat coeabola handle, two rivets, half elastic.

Painters' putty knives are shown in Fig. 62: A - Beech-wood handle, open ferrule. B - Burnt wood handle, open ferrule. C - Burnt wood handle, closed ferrule. D - Flat beech wood handle.

Paint Brush Holder.

Fig. 64. Paint Brush Holder.

Painters' steel wire brushes are illustrated in Fig. 63: A - For removing paint, rust and all foreign accumulations from the surface of plain and ornamental metals, stone and brick. B - Painter's wire duster, made of very fine steel wire. C - Used to apply preparations for removing old paint. D - For removing old paint and cleaning moldings. E - For cleaning cornices and out-of-the-way places.

A painter's brush holder is shown in Fig. 64. This is indispensable for keeping the brushes in good condition.

Painter's Scrapers.

Fig. 61. Painter's Scrapers.

Paiater's Putty Knives.

Fig. 62. Paiater's Putty Knives.

Painter's Steel Wire Brushes.

Fig. 63. Painter's Steel Wire Brushes.