To produce this color use Venetian red as a base and add one part of Prussian blue, two of chrome yellow and two of white.

Colonial Yellow

Medium chrome yellow mixed with white lead and a little dark orange chrome yellow gives this tint.


A good shade is obtained by mixing eight parts of white lead, two parts of French yellow ochre and a touch of Venetian red. French ochre and lead alone are often employed. Equal parts of raw sienna and orange chrome used to tint white gives a nice cream. There are many other methods of obtaining this tint.


Lemon chrome mixed with a little Venetian red will give this color.

Deep Cream

This color is made by tinting white lead with yellow ochre and a little Venetian red.


Tint white lead with French ochre and medium chrome yellow. A tint which is sometimes called stone color is produced in the same way. Another shade of ecru may be obtained by mixing three parts of black, eight parts of white, three of medium chrome yellow and one of Brunswick green.

Jonquil Yellow

Tint white lead with medium chrome yellow to which has been added a very little vermilion red. One of the favorite methods is to employ sixteen parts white lead, one part of indigo and two parts of light red, adding as much chrome yellow as may be desired. Another way of making jonquil yellow is by simply mixing with a little green about forty times the quantity of yellow.


This is an artist's color. It is a gum resin, is somewhat fugitive, and is useless for the purpose of the house painter.


To obtain the color known as gold, white lead may be tinted with five parts of golden or yellow ochre and one part of vermilion, or a mixture of light chrome yellow. French ochre and vermilion may be used instead to tint the white lead. The quantity of yellow used should be considerably more than the ochre.

Hay Color

French ochre, medium chrome yellow and lamp black used as tinting color for white lead will give a hay color, or raw Italian sienna and lamp black may be employed if desired.


The addition of a very little medium chrome yellow to white lead produces this tint, or a very little golden ochre may be used. Another way is to tint white very slightly with middle chrome and a touch of black.


This is a pale yellow shade, which is obtained by mixing white and medium chrome yellow in about equal proportions.


For this color, lemon chrome yellow is used alone,, but the tint may be made by using white lead for a base and adding medium chrome yellow until the desired tint is obtained. The tint that is usually preferred is obtained by mixing five parts of chrome to two parts of white lead, and adding a little green. However, lemon chrome yellow purchased ready made is the best.

Light Buff

A little yellow ochre added to white lead gives a good buff color, the tint varying with the quantity of ochre.