A floor dressing, that may be used on finished floors to advantage as a polish, when rubbed in well is best made by mixing thoroughly 7 1/2 parts by measure of raw linseed oil, 1 3/4 parts of pure spirits of turpentine and 3/4 parts orange shellac varnish, made with denatured alcohol. Must be always well shaken in the package, before use.

Ordinary floor oils to keep the dust down in ware-rooms, workshops, etc., are made by heating paraffine oil, of .885 specific gravity, in a steam jacketted kettle, until it simmers and then add, while agitating, one pound melted paraflme wax, of 130° melting point. This will answer very well as a polish for furniture and bars, as it cleans and polishes in one operation. If a trifle heavy in body, use a little pure turpentine for thinning. To disguise the odor of the paraffine oil, add about 10 drops of oil of myrbane to each gallon.