40 pounds French yellow ocher, dry;

10 "

orange chrome yellow, dry;

14 "

drop black, powdered;

1 "

gas carbon black;

32 "

color grinders' japan;

3 "

rubbing varnish;

100 pounds

Ground on water cooled mill, until fine, then placed in a mixer, where the necessary shading color is added in fine paste form to produce exact shade of standard, when thinned with turpentine and varnished over.

This is used on the passenger cars of a prominent Southern railroad, both on the bodies, trucks and platforms.

Another shade of Pullman Car Body Color in Japan with much better covering qualities and richer effect is produced as follows:

30 pounds ivory drop black, dry;

10 "

medium chrome yellow, dry;

8 "

orange chrome yellow, dry;

4 "

indian red, deep, dry;

3 "

alizarine red lake, dry;

45 "

color grinders' japan;

100 pounds.

Ground on water cooled mill until fine, and on last run add one-half gallon good rubbing varnish to give a buttery consistence to the paste.

Note. The practical color grinder will admit, that colors of this composition will give varying results, if used as color and varnish coats, according to the percentage of varnish used and the nature thereof.