Warping the Rockers. Barrel-staves are not warped enough for rockers. To increase the warp, place the staves in a wash-tub filled with hot-water, and allow them to soak for a half hour or so. Then rest the ends of the staves on boxes or piles of bricks, and weight down the center with a pile of bricks or other weight, as shown in Fig. 205. Make the warp greater than is wanted, because when the weight has been removed the stave will straighten out somewhat.

Box Furniture 144

Fig. 204. - Detail of Chair Back Upright Fig. 205. - Warping Barrell-Staves for Rocker Fig. 206. - How the Rockers are Attached

Box Furniture 145

Fig. 201. - Two Box Rockers, a Table and a Tabouret.

Figure 206 shows how the rockers are attached. Nail a strip, measuring 1 1/4 inches thick, across the chair bottom at the center, then nail the staves to this strip and to the box, allowing several inches of the staves to project beyond the chair front, the remainder of the length at the rear.

One of the simplest ways to make A Table is shown in Fig. 207. The box used is inverted so that the bottom becomes the table top. The legs are strips 3 inches wide and 28 inches long. Fasten one leg in each corner of the box. Measure the distance between each end pair of legs, cut a pair of strips of a length equal to this distance, and fasten a strip between each end pair of legs 4 or 5 inches from the ends, for braces. Cut another strip of the right length to fit between these leg braces, and fasten it to them for an additional brace.

Box Furniture 146

Fig. 207. - Box Table Shown in Fig. 201

Box Furniture 147

Fig. 208. - Tabouret Shown in Fig. 201

Box Furniture 148

Fig. 210. - Leg Crosspeices

Box Furniture 149

Fig. 209. - Framework of Tabouret

The Tabouret in Fig. 208, also shown in Fig. 201, has a top made of a cheese-box cover. The legs are 1 1/2 inches wide by a length to be determined by the height of tabouret you want. Twenty-one inches is a medium height. The legs are connected by two pairs of crosspieces (Fig. 209), each notched at the center as shown in Fig. 210, so that the strips will interlock one another. The diameter of the cheesebox-cover will determine the length of the strips. Nail the legs to the ends of the braces, then nail the cover to their tops.