Side Or Cheek Cut Of Hip Or Valley Rafter. First Method: There are a number of ways to lay out a side cut on a square cornered building. The simplest to remember, where no framing tables are at hand, consists in measuring square back from the plumb cut line a distance A-B, Fig. 62, equal to the thickness of the rafter being framed. Thru this point lay off another line parallel to the plumb cut line and "carry" this across the top edge of the rafter with the square, as at D-E. Now adjust the bevel to pass thru E and F, Fig. 62, and the setting is obtained for all side cuts of hip or valley rafters of that pitch of roof. Scribe this line on the top edge of the rafter. Carry it down the remaining side using the same numbers on the square as were used in laying off the plumb cut on the first side.

Second Method: This method of laying off side or cheek cut consists in laying the framing square across the top edge of the rafter, taking 17" on the tongue and the length of hip or valley rafter per foot of run of common rafter for the pitch required on the blade, and scribing along the blade.

Fig. 61. Side Cut

Fig. 61. Side Cut.

Fig. 62. Laying off Side Cut

Fig. 62. Laying off Side Cut.