The two kinds of chisels most commonly used are the firmer chisel, Fig. 77, and the framing chisel, Fig. 78. The firmer chisel is lighter than the framing chisel and is used for fine work. The framing chisel is used where the work is such as to demand pounding with a mallet, Fig. 79, to force its edge into the wood. The firmer chisel is usually fitted on a tang, though it may be fitted with a socket.

Fig. 77. Firmer Chisel

Fig. 77. Firmer Chisel.

Fig. 78. Framing Chisel

Fig. 78. Framing Chisel.

Fig. 79. Mallet

Fig. 79. Mallet.

The size of a chisel is indicated by the width of the cutting edge.

A chisel, to do good work, must be kept sharp. To avoid any chance for injury, both hands should at all times be kept back of the cutting edge, Figs. 80 and 81.