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Workshop Recipes Books

Books to use as a reference in the workshop and machine shop environments

-Machine Shop Work | by Frederick W. Turner, Oscar E. Perrigo, Howard P. Fairfield
Comprehensive manual of approved shop methods including the construction and use of tools and machines, the details of their efficient operation, and a discussion of modern production methods
-Turning And Mechanical Manipulation | Charles Holtzapffel
The author was led to undertake the present work on Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, from the circumstance of there bring no general treatise in the English language for the guidance of the Amateur in these pursuits. The original works by Plumier and Bergeron, although they were suited to the periods at which they were produced, are neither of them sufficient to convey instruction adequate to the present state of the Art; and the more recent French works leave unnoticed a large portion of the machines and instruments now used by Amateurs.
-Handy Man's Workshop And Laboratory | by A. Russell Bond
Every practical mechanic, whether amateur or professional, has been confronted at one time or another with unexpected situations calling for the exercise of considerable ingenuity. The resourceful man who has met an issue of this sort successfully seldom if ever is averse to making public his method of procedure. After all, he has little to gain by keeping the matter to himself and, appreciating the advice of other practical men in the same line of work, he is only too glad to contribute his own suggestions to the general fund of information.
-The Boy's Book Of Mechanical Models | by William Bushnell Stout
This book includes ideas that have been collected during a number of years of work among boys. During these years the writer has discovered that a great many of the articles usually described for boys to make are very often impractical on account of the small size of the boy's pocketbook. All of those described in this book can be made from things picked up around the house, at no expense to the maker, while almost all of the toys are constructed with an ordinary cigar box as a base.
-Plate Girder Construction | by Isami Hiroi, C.E.
The abundance of plate-girder drawings in almost every engineering office, no matter whether their designs are correct or not, has usually been the source from which many draughtsmen "design" a new girder. Indeed even in regular bridge works with the rush of work, usual in these places, there is hardly an opportunity for the draughtsmen to examine...
-Workshop Receipts For Manufacturers And Scientific Amateurs. Supplement Aluminium To Wireless | by The Chemical Publishing Co.
This book presents a compendium of instructions on working in workshops, using tools and alot of information important to workshop technicians.

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