392.   The following list contains all the miscellaneous phonographic abbreviations that are required by shorthand writers, even in the swiftest verbatim reporting; and learners should not adopt any others. Speed in writing phonography does not come from the use of a great number of contracted forms. And yet it is true that there are times when the reporter, in order to both save time and avoid the labor of repeatedly writing the long outline of some oft-recurring word, will improvise an abbreviation for it, to be used for the time being only. Then again, on the other hand, there is nothing absolutely compulsory about the invariable employment of all these abbreviated outlines. If the reporter chooses, for reasons of his own, to sometimes use the full outline of a word, instead of the abbreviated form, he may do so. But the author recommends that every writer of the system adopt, and, as a rule, use, the list in its entirety.

List Of Abbreviations And Initials.