81. When a word has more than one vowel-sound, as also, uneasy, memory, etc., the position of its outline is determined by the place of the accented vowel. The accented vowel is the one that is sounded loudest.

Remark i. Every word has as many syllables as vowel-sounds. Therefore, it is generally said that the position of a word is determined by the place of the vowel of the accented syllable ; that being the syllable which is pronounced with the greatest force. The accent is on the last syllable in the words above, adieu, allow, fatigue, and on the first syllable in the words fancy, Tuesday, echo, Erie, balmy. Which vowel is sounded loudest in the words create, alone, able, reject, bacon, danger, appertain, lady, domestic, romantic, exercise?

Remark 2. Before learning the rule for writing words in position given in the next paragraph, the student should carefully review paragraphs 47, 48, 49, and 77.

82. Rule for Word-Position.- Write the first upright or slanting stem of a word in the position indicated by the place of its vowel, or, if it has more than one, of its accented vowel. If the outline contains only horizontals, write the first stem of the word in the position so indicated. Examples:


83. A vowel-sign written before a stem which has a diphthong-sign joined at the beginning (57), is read between the diphthong and the stem. Examples :


Reading Exercise.



Writing Exercise.

84. Ago, echo, easy, eighty, Opie, allow, essay, avow, Emma, balmy, veto, envy, mighty, cony, coffee, buggy, choppy, tabby, coupe, chatty, gummy, poet, fussy, chubby, baggage, jockey, awning, zany, body, caddy, beauty, chalky, noisy, above, attack, atom, aback, assume, untie, offing, enjoy, espy, enough, assignee, escape, tunic, carriage, dynamite.