200. The syllable shun or zhun may be added to any consonant-stem, either straight or curved, by a large final-hook, turned on the Ef-hook side of straight stems, and on the inner side of curved stems. Examples:


201. In the common orthography these syllables are written with various combinations of letters, as shown in the following words: na-tion, tension, fusion, mission, artesian, opti-cian, cushion, Pho-cion, gen-tian, etc.

202. Names of Shun-hook Stems. - The names of the Shun-hook stems are as follows: Cheshun, Jeshun, Teshun, Deshun, Pe£shun, Beshun, Keshun, Geshun (G hard as in " gash"), Reeshun, Elshun (downward), Yeshun, Ithshun, Dheshun, Feshun, Veshun, Neshun, Ingshun, Sheeshun (upward), Ishshun, Zheshun, Es-shun, Zeeshun, Ershun, Weshun, Meshun, Heshun, and Leeshun (upward).