Remarks About Outlines Specially Distinguished.

446.   Outlines for First Study. - It is not expected that the learner will be able to master completely the foregoing list of specially distinguished outlines except after considerable patient study and practice; therefore it is recommended that attention be first paid to the most frequently recurring and more important of them, which will be found in the following collection selected from the list. Only the first word of each group is given, but the outlines of all the words that follow it must, of course, be studied: Above, absence, account, advantage, all-the-time, altogether, any, anybody, appertain, at-our, at-least, become, beheld, broad, come, coming, concussion, consign, construe, contention, corner, delivery, devise, did-you-ever, disturb, diverse, doctor, drugstore, easier, ever, for-mal-ly, forward, found, fully, gentleman, gentlemanly, guide, heavy, held, himself, honestly, however, I-cannot, I-could-not, immigration, impaired, inevitable-y, inform, informed, information, informing, interested, leave, loaned, marked, Mrs., my-own, occupy, occupied, old, oldest, other, over, own, part-owner, plaster, porter, portion, property, proportion, pure, purer, purest, purpose, pursuant, registrar, seize, send, situation, spread, stated, stove, to-sell, truth, turn, were, which, woman.

447.   A Good Way to Study the List. - A very good and interesting way of studying the words of the List is for the students to themselves construct little sentences, each embodying all the words of one or more groups, and then practise writing and reading them.

The following are samples of such sentences: In his absence his brother attended to his business. He took an account of the kind and amount of cotton goods in the store. Anybody can do his duty, nobody can do better.He cannot appropriate my properly with propriety. I saw him come before I came, and he keeps coming and going all-the-time from-the-time he gets up in the morning. For a heavy man he is quite active.

448.   "Deemed " - "Admit."—The word deemed should always be vocalized to distinguish it from admit, not vocalized.

449.    Shus. - The termination shus is written downward, except after the stems T, D, F and V, with simple endings and the s-circle written with the "over-to-the-left" movement; thus, ambitious M-B3-SHs, suspicious ssP3-SHs, factious FI-K-SHs, gracious Gr-SHs2, efficacious F2-K-SHs, fallacious F2-Z-SHs, precious Pr2-SHs, voracious V2-R-SHs, auspicious S3-P-SHs, luscious L2-SHs ; but audacious D2-SHs, fictitious F3-K-T-SHs, atrocious Tr2-SHs, vicious V3-SHs, facetious Fs3-SHs, vexatious V2-Ks-SHs.

450.  "Snow," "Snowy,"—" Sun," " Sunny."- Snow and snowy should always be vocalized to distinguish them respectively from sun and sunny.

451.   "Some" - "Same." - In business correspondence same should be vocalized to distinguish it from some.

452.   Errors from Inexact Writing. - Besides the errors that flow from actual conflict of outlines, against which the list is provided, there are others that arise from inexact or careless writing of certain outlines which if properly written would not conflict. Special care should be taken in writing the words of the following groups in order that such errors may be avoided:- dock, deck; - track, truck, contract; - take, dig, pick ; - taking, digging, picking ; - evidence, affidavits, papers ; - report, reiterate ; - reported, reiterated ; - reporting, reiterating ; - adjudication, allegation ; - assignment, demand; - Murphy, Martha ; - attracted, directed; - every-day, Friday; - elevate lift ; - elevating, lifting ; - open, bent ; - implied, employed ; - ad vance, defiance, defense ; - clannish, clownish ; - abolition, ablution; - influence, infuse ; - name, enemy ; - duty, deity ; - admonition, diminution; - partner, brother-in-law; - most, must; - eyes, eyesight ; - endless, needless ; - cart, car, cargo ; - land, yard ; - engaged, connected, communicated ; - pain, bother ; - would-say, we-say; -what-can, we-can; - numbers, brothers.