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New Age Books

Books about Dream Interpretation, Paranormal Abilities, Astrology and Spirituality

Part I: Dreams and Astral Projections

-School of Out-of-Body Travel. A Practical Guidebook | by Michael Raduga
The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of "out-of-body travel" and "astral projection" have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This textbook gives each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about - a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds. This book is for pragmatic people who are not used to taking anything on faith or reading about empty theories. The book only deals with what works in practice, and nothing else.
-Dreams Books
Books about Dream Interpretation and Sleeping

Part II: Paranormal

-Paranormal Books
Books about Paranormal Abilities
-Stage Hypnotism - A Text Book Of Occult Entertainments | by Prof. Leonidas
I am not presenting this as a volume of rare English. My attempt has been to make it clear and descriptive. With that end in view I have used the narrative in most instances, supplementing the story with explanations of why I did these things. It may be found that other stage hypnotists and mind-readers will differ with me when it comes to my method of production. That will indicate merely that they and I are both original. I warn you all that there is to be nothing gained by imposing anything dangerous or uncalled for upon your hypnotic subjects.

Part III: Metaphysical

-The Pyramid: How To Build It, How To Use It | by Les Brown
The main purpose of this small book, in addition to acquainting you with the basics of the pyramids, is to show you how you can grow bumper crops with the use of a pyramid. It also discusses how that energy affects living cells and many other different uses of pyramids.
-Vivaxis, The Spiral Of Life | by Frances Nixon
The authors fervently hope these scientific findings of biology will open a door to greater understanding of this planet, of its tremendous effect on our lives, our thoughts, our health, our character and our capabilities. This book deals with electromagnet waves, their origin, and how they can be controlled and their energies harnessed in the body
-Born To Be Magnetic. Volumes 1 & 2 | by Frances Nixon
Since the beginning of time, the migratory birds and animals have been guided back to the location of their birth. The mystery of these forces have always intrigued and baffled man. This book presents a study of these energies with examples.
-Mysteries Of Memory Unfold | by Frances Nixon
The author's purpose for the past eighteen years has been to establish a skeletal framework for the design of energies that account for our existence. This includes the design responsible for the ability to record and remember events in our lives.
-Magnetically Yours | by Frances Nixon
The title "Magnetically Yours" has significance, it refers to your personal magnetic wave link to the geographic point where you were born. The birds, animals and fish have been aware of this wave link and utilized it for thousands of years in faithfully returning to their place of origin. Man has emerged rapidly into the electronic age but in his haste, he has pathetically ignored his own part in the Universal scheme of magnetics. It has become increasingly apparent that ignorance and abuse of this important law of nature in biology, has been responsible for a good majority of both physical and mental ills...

Part IV: Palmistry

-Palmistry For All | by Cheiro
Containing new information on the study of the hand never before published by cheiro with a preface to American readers and with upwards of sixty illustrations.
-The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading | by William G. Benham
A practical treatise on the art commonly called Palmistry
-The Practice Of Palmistry For Professional Purposes | by C. de Saint-Germain
Among the tens of thousands orf American readers who have given such a pleasant welcome to my syndicate articles and to my elementary work entitled PRACTICAL PALMISTRY." a large number have done me the honor of communicating with me with a view of increasing their knowledge of this most fascinating science. Many have even visited Chicago and requested me to give them personal and exhaustive instruction in Palmistry. I finally decided, a year ago, to comply with these solicitations, and have devoted a few hours, every day, to the teaching of the science rendered famous in this XIX. Century by the splendidly successful efforts of Desbarrolles and d"Arpentigny. Class after class attended my studio and received favorably whatever conscientious instruction my twenty-nine years of chi-rosophic studies entitled me to give them...

Part V: Spirituality

-Spirituality Books
Books about Spirituality and Yoga
-May I Answer That? | by Sri Swami Sivananda
272 Answers on a diverse range of yoga and spirituality questions by Sri Swami Sivananda
-Advices on Spiritual Living | by Sri Swami Chidananda
We are happy to present to all members of the Divine Life Societies in India and abroad as well as to spiritual seekers in general, these thoughts of Revered Sri Swami Chidanandaji that cover a variety of matters, all of which are however connected directly or indirectly with spiritual life and ethical ideals of man.

Part VI: Astrology

-Astrology Books
Books about Astrology

Part VII: Self-Help

-Concentration | by Christian D. Larson
The art of concentration is one of the simplest to learn, and one of the greatest when mastered; and these pages are written especially for those who wish to learn how to master this fine art in all of its aspects; who wish to develop the power to concentrate well at any time and for any purpose; who wish to make real concentration a permanent acquisition of the mind.
-Concentration: The Road To Success | by Henry Harrison Brown
A Lesson in Soul Culture.
-How to Develop Will-Power | by Charles Godfrey Leland (Hans Breitmann)
Have You A Strong Will? OR How to Develope Will-power, or any other Faculty or Attribute of the Mind, and render it habitual by the easy process of Self-Hypnotism.
-Developing Mental Power | by George Malcolm Stratton
Every teacher requires a working knowledge of the fundamental nature of the human mind. Without it teaching cannot be made either an interesting or a creative occupation. When psychologically uninformed, the teacher can operate on the mind of youth only in a formal and mechanical way, applying traditional and contemporaneous methods of procedure without much ability to adapt technique to conditions for the purpose of gaining predictable results...

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