The word Vivaxis was coined from the Latin, viva meaning life, and axis meaning a central line about which a rotating body turns. At a Vivaxis a person's life forces rotate about a central point.

My eleven years of observation and research commenced in 1962. In that year I first discovered that all life is linked by wave to a sphere of revolving energies, created just prior to birth. Further, the sphere of energy, that we later called a Vivaxis, remained fixed in its position relative to the earth at the point where it was created. A sphere is formed in which all its forces appear to move relative to one another and relative to the centre core. The forces in this centre core are literally magnetized to that particular geographic point on earth.

Question - What are these forces?

Answer - A good question and one that I wish we could answer with complete confidence; but through observation we are at least coming gradually closer to the explanation of the forces involved. We know they have some characteristics similar to electromagnetism, but physicists insist they are not actually electromagnetic. We know for sure that they have a component of magnetism for a magnet is always linked to a Vivaxis. I think we can speculate that gravity is an important component, as well as ambient terrestrial and celestial forces.

One is naturally inclined to speculate in the realm of known forces but in the field of magnetism and gravitation very little is known. At the risk of being a target and inviting a barrage of controversy I hazard a guess that magnetic and gravitational forces are among the primary forces in a Vivaxis. Further, I suggest that a vertical component of magnetism is largely responsible for identity with the geographical point of the Vivaxis and the horizontal field involves the same gravitational forces that move the tides of the sea; forces that are compatible to all and with an affinity for sea salt. It is quite obvious we have a lot more to learn about the energies in a Vivaxis and in Dr. Tiller's words, "Today's observations point the way to tomorrow's physics."

Question - What creates this sphere of energy streams, this Vivaxis?

Answer - Each creation of a Vivaxis is associated with a sudden fusion of energies.

Question - What causes the energy fusion?

Answer - This question has many answers, some are known but others are probabilities. Therefore, I will first discuss the known causes of energy fusion.

A. Creating permanent magnetism in a steel bar by placing it in a coil of wire carrying an electric current. Not only does the magnetic field of the electric current induce magnetization within the atomic structure of the piece of steel, but also a Vivaxis is created as forces merge into a common centre. The diameter of the newly created Vivaxis is determined by the length of the steel bar. The new magnet and its Vivaxis vibrate in resonance to each other and also in resonance to the geomagnetic forces associated with the specific place and specific time of the Vivaxis creation. During the life of the magnet there is a flow of energy waves from the magnet to its Vivaxis which can be traced by wave vectors taken from the centre point of the magnet.

B. Creating magnetism in a bar of steel by stroking it with a permanent magnet. As the lines of force are cut the energies are drawn into a centre point to form a Vivaxis. Energies associated with the first magnet's Vivaxis are introduced into the atomic structure of the steel and the newly created magnet becomes linked to two different Vivaxes.

C. A Vivaxis Caused by a Lightning Strike. Where a bolt of lightning strikes the earth a very strong Vivaxis is created. The radius of the Vivaxis sphere is proportional to the length of the strike. For example, if a tree was struck by lightning and the energy travelled twenty-five feet down its side before grounding, the newly created Vivaxis would be a sphere with a radius of twenty-five feet and a centre core of approximately three feet radius. Refer to page 98.

D. Seeds. Seeds planted in a sprouting tray usually record a fixed wave vector to a Vivaxis about the second day of watering. Plants generally retain their alignment to their original Vivaxis even after they have been transplanted.

E. The Human Fetus. It is not known for sure when the Vivaxis is created, but statistics of Vivaxes' locations recorded by Research Society members indicate the event occurs about the time of the first labour pain. This speculation is based on the fact that many Vivaxes are located in the homes where the mothers resided prior to the actual births.

Question - How large is the human Vivaxis?

Answer - A sphere approximately the size of the fetus within the womb just prior to birth.

Question - Does a Vivaxis ever increase in size?

Answer - Observations indicate that if the entity's force field is increased by absorption of another energy in its environment, then the entity's Vivaxis will temporarily increase in size, proportional to the energy transferred. (Reference: page 102, "Lightning Vivaxis.")

Question - How long does a Vivaxis remain in its original position?

Answer - Barring shifts in the geomagnetic field the Vivaxis appears to retain its relative position long after the entity or person ceases to exist. How long we have no way of knowing, but it is safe to say that our Vivaxis is the most enduring thing about us and remains a very long time after we have departed.

Standing Directly In My Own Vivaxis

My Vivaxis is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, at an elevation of about twelve feet above high water mark. Fortunately it is located in an outdoor area that made testing on it possible.

Locating one's own Vivaxis is one of the easiest and most exciting experiences of our research work. I did it through the directional pull of my hands. Many others use angle wires, either one or two. Two wires cross and stay fixed each time one faces directly towards his Vivaxis. As one draws closer to it the force becomes stronger, erasing any element of doubt as one homes in from every direction. The force pointing towards the Vivaxis is so strong one fails to comprehend how man could have been so half smart by overlooking this biological fact for thousands of years.

It was Sunday, October 29, 1972, clear and sunny, the field was strong and constant; in all respects an excellent day for the experience of standing directly in my Vivaxis. I found that my Vivaxis is spherical and about ten inches in diameter, and it is some four and one half feet above the level of the ground. Its centre came to the height of my chest. When I stood in my Vivaxis the ninety degree angle wires crossed and pointed in towards me; they remained fixed even though I tried to uncross them with my brain. No matter in what direction I faced the wires crossed, excepting when I turned into either a north or south direction and then the wires parted.

I laid down the recording instrument from my left hand and moved to one side out of my Vivaxis. When my left hand was held over the centre top of my Vivaxis the recording wire in my right hand swung sharply in towards me and remained fixed. Even though I tried with my brain to change the direction in which the wire pointed it would not budge. The instrument in my right hand recorded an energy stream flowing in towards me until my left receiving hand reached above the level of my hypothalamus (located in the centre of the head). When my left hand was above this point the recording wire pulled away towards the direction of my concentration. This test was repeated many times and invariably with the same results.

When similar tests are carried out, on a Vivaxis that is not one's own, significantly different results are observed. For example, if you test with two ninety degree angle wires, while standing on another person's Vivaxis, the wires will cross but point away from you. They will remain crossed despite the fact you might try to separate them with your brain. They stay crossed as you face in various directions excepting when you turn to the north or south and then they pull strongly apart.

A test to record the energy stream flowing vertically from another person's Vivaxis would show a fixed wave vector towards that person only. The energy stream would flow either vertically up or down until it reaches the same elevation above sea level as that of the person and then it changes to a horizontal plane.

When testing a Vivaxis belonging to a deceased person or animal one is unable to detect a vertical energy stream leading off from either above or below the Vivaxis indicating it is no longer wave linked to an entity.

Light Wave Behaviour Is Changed In A Vivaxis

If you are in a Vivaxis, with your eyes open and facing either north or south, your wires will pull strongly apart. In contrast, if you are on neutral ground (i.e. not on a Vivaxis), with your eyes open, the wires will cross when you are facing either north or south depending upon the current wave vector of light (north or south wave vector, see glossary). The wires cross but not in a fixed pattern since they will move apart by command of the brain and therefore should not be confused with your Vivaxis channel.

When you put only your Vivaxis grounding leg in another person's Vivaxis, you disorientate your circuit if light at that time has a south wave vector. Needless to say you can place either leg singularly in your own Vivaxis and it is quite compatible regardless of the wave vector of light.

Other Observations When In My Vivaxis

When I stood in my Vivaxis, the ninety degree recording wire held in my left hand rotated clockwise, as I held my right hand against my right leg. Conversely, with the angle wire in my right hand and my left on my left leg, the wire rotated in a counterclockwise direction.

I experimented by placing my head directly in my Vivaxis sphere with my eyes closed and stationary. Result: Immediately after testing, my husband and I went to a nearby hotel for breakfast. Looking in the washroom mirror I was startled by the youthful sparkle in my eyes and especially by the clarity of their whites. As we sat down to breakfast my husband remarked on my sprakling eyes. We were both rather fascinated and I could not resist the temptation to give my eyes another Vivaxis "treatment". Vanity precedes a fall! This time I made the error of keeping my eyes open and exercising, while centred in my Vivaxis. Result: About fifteen minutes later I asked my husband how my eyes looked. "Good gracious!" he exclaimed. "They are closing up, especially the right one." The mirror also confirmed that I had goofed by exercising and circulating my eyes when they were within the sphere of my Vivaxis. Possibly I moved them against the direction of the energy flow.

Emotional Disturbances Recorded At A Vivaxis

The following test has been enacted several times where the disturbed emotions of a small child are recorded; twice while visiting in Scotland and the last time while staying with my brother in San Francisco.

I had previously located the Vivaxis of my ten-month-old niece in the kitchen. Testing with my left receiving hand held in her Vivaxis I recorded a fixed wave vector with the angle wire in my right hand. The fixed wave vector homed into the room where the baby lay in her crib. Suddenly the recording wire started to vibrate and circulate in a disturbed pattern; within seconds my young niece gave vent to her emotional stress with loud wails. Yet another illustration to show that both energy and information are continually being relayed from the entity to its Vivaxis and vice versa.

I have been literally champing at the bit to tell my readers about the Vivaxis created by a lightning strike. It is tremendous and warrants a chapter to itself.