Albert Mevi, a Northwest Magnetics Research Society member from the New York area, writes as follows:

February 4th, 1973.

Since you are involved in the observation and recording of the human aura I take the liberty of noting down a few tips which have come out of my own preoccupation with this phenomenon.

(1) The best way to make it visible to practically everybody is against an opaque X-ray viewer screen which is inside a dimly lit room.

(2) Use either dark blue (cobalt) sun glasses, one pair or two superimposed, or better yet have a black light projector about 10" long and throw its light on your hand or limb, held against the above screen (1). With or without blue glasses the aura stands out very clearly all three layers.

(3) Try to compare your aura before and after channelling. You will be surprised by the difference.

(4) An acupuncture needle inserted in point 7 of the heart meridian, just a little above the outside wrist knuckle of the left hand, for about 10-15 minutes, has the same effect of increased aura vibration.

I recently wrote to Carol Learos of the "Human Dimensions Institute" at Rosary Hill College, Buffalo, New York. In my letter I expressed interest in her work with "the blind seeing auras." The following is her reply dated April 2, 1973:

Let me give you some sketchy, brief background. My work as a psychic-sensitive began 6 years ago, and has been carried on through the Human Dimensions Institute. For the past 3 1/2 years I have been teaching classes at the institute and have used a very simple technique in the classes to help people both see and feel the aura. Within a very short time I have discovered people can pick out the "trouble spots" (present physical problems, simple headaches, thyroid conditions, back problems, scars from operations, arthritis, etc., etc.). Once they are able to see the beginning glow or haze of the aura (some do see colors immediately, most people do not), then I have a member of the group with a physical problem stand in front of our white screen and tell people to look and see the aura and then look for where the aura "looks different" (it may appear as a dark patch, grey patch, break in the aura, or somehow "different"). People in classes can usually do this in a very short session.

Using a variation on the technique in our pilot study with the blind, we quickly discovered that they were extremely sensitive to "feeling" the aura with the hand held about 5-6" from the body, starting at the top of the head and working down over each part of the body, down each arm, down each leg, onto the toes, and then going across the back the same way. When they arrived at a "trouble spot," they verbalize it as feeling "magnetic" or as too much "energy" flowing out. . . and they were accurate! . . . The blind people report seeing the aura out of the centre of their forehead. Although one of the men reports a "side of the head" vision both for auras and objects, etc., which he can only do when his eyes are closed.

It is well recognized by knowledgeable and intelligent people of this generation, that our surrounding force field is a very vital part of us. It can be both seen and its energy felt. However in one's headlong plunge into this field one should never lose proper perspective; remembering at all times that we link circuits when we test another person's aura or receptors. Due to this linkage, a disturbed energy meridian within the tester records a disturbance as he tests another person's aura, even though the disturbance originates with the one testing and not with the other person. Refer to Born to be Magnetic, Volume 1, page 162.

During one of my seminars a pupil, a doctor by profession, demonstrated how she tested areas of disturbance in her patients, without the use of wires. When detecting an energy leakage with her hand, it gyrated wildly. The doctor had extremely sensitive hands and was able to record areas of genuine disturbance in her patients as well as energy disturbance of her own. As a result of a car accident she had received injuries to several of her toes and consequently walked with a pronounced limp. I asked her permission to let me test the receptors located on her head that were associated with the toe meridians. As one would expect, their leaking energy circuit caused my recording wire to rotate vigorously. Next the doctor was requested to test the same areas on several pupils in the seminar. As she did so, she made this observation, "This is an area that I always find disturbed receptors on my patients." When I explained that she was in reality recording her own disturbances in that particular area, she was appalled. She tested a third person in the same area, but now as her hand spontaneously described wild gyrations, she laughed, "There are my toes on Brian's head." We all laughed with her, as she good naturedly realized the folly of some of her testing of other people's receptors. Our present motto is "Do not attempt to test other people's receptors, for our updated techniques enable nearly everyone to reinstate their own meridians without the necessity of testing receptors."