One of the most puzzling phenomenon observed during my years of research, had myself and those around me baffled for the past six months. It resembled a tantalizing suspense mystery that originally appeared to be an assortment of completely unrelated observations, but eventually turned out to be different expressions of the same influences. A phenomenon caused by the wave behaviour of light in conjunction with the same gravitational forces that control the movements of tides. These discoveries, that were finally concluded during February 1973, are important milestones in my research findings. Important because they have a valuable application in correcting the balance of energies in our circuits. Further, they are forces that can be harmoniously incorporated into our circuits and by their compatible nature are able to combat most unstable conditions that formerly would have been hard to counteract. They are energies that actually stimulate as well as correct; this is particularly noticeable in the stimulation of the adrenal glands. The potentials of these discoveries are tremendous and are well within the reach of all those who are able to reliably evaluate and determine when light has a north or south wave vector; it is to these people that I take pleasure in presenting the following findings. What delights me particularly, is the fact that this phase of evaluating can be done with or without recording wires, or any other instrument (see page 163). Our own hands can respond accurately to the changes in wave motion and through them we can determine if the sea salt should be on the east or west side of the baking soda in order for the energies to be compatible. If my guess is right many of you at this point will be groaning, dumbfounded or confused. Take heart for that was the first reaction we all had during my original presentation of this phenomenon.

July 1972 Experiment

Materials - Two pint jars; one jar half filled with baking soda, the other jar half filled with sea salt. Cover both with lids. Place them on a table or counter that has been tested and found neutral.

Positioning Of Jars

Place the sea salt west of the jar of baking soda with an eight inch gap between the two jars. See diagram 8.


During the early stages of researching this particular phenomenon, in the summer of 1972, the compounds placed in the above relationship were predominantly the more compatible arrangement. Compatible to me, when I placed the centre of the palm of each hand for six seconds, over the energy stream travelling vertically upwards at the centre of the gap between the two jars. See diagram 8.

After correcting a static state many, many times, with this particular east and west arrangement, a sudden reversal was noticed; the energies now had an adverse effect on my circuit. The sea salt was now changed so that it was positioned on the east side of the baking soda jar. I tested again by absorbing the vertical energy stream into the centre of the palms of my hands. The energies that were introduced rectified my disrupted field so that once again I was able to aura test directions correctly.

A. DIAGRAM 8. Absorbing Arealoha Energy Waves in the Centre Palm of the Hand.

Absorbing Arealoha Energy Waves in the Centre Palm of the Hand

One force field is flowing down in an angled line from the west and another one from the south. These fluctuate and change under various influences, relative to time and place. At times only one of these fields is detectable, not both.

B. DIAGRAM 9. Absorbing Arealoha Energy Waves in the Centre Palm of the Hand.

Absorbing Arealoha Energy Waves in the Centre Palm of the Hand

One force field is flowing up in an angled line from the east and another from the north.

Next, I reversed the two compounds to their original positions, with the sea salt on the west side of the baking soda, and again exposed each hand to the vertical energies. As a result of the experiment I once more became static. The vertical flow of the energies was evidently reversed because tests revealed that when the energies flowing up were not compatible, then the energies flowing down were compatible, and vice versa. (See diagram 9.)

Another interesting observation was that the compatible energies felt with the fingers had a soft cool texture while the incompatible had an unpleasant sticky texture. The two physicists, with whom I consulted, noted the same facts but could offer no explanation. One of the two was sensitive to energies and he could see auras, locate his channel, and test receptors. After exposing his hands to the wrong combination, he described a sensation almost of nausea and a feeling of energy draining from the top half of his head. A reaction to the exposure of the wrong east/west arrangement is not usually noticed as severely as this. Generally, the effect is nothing more than a feeling of static disruption, commonly associated with infrasonics and produced by earthquakes, etc. The character of the energies was discussed with the physicists, but they could not identify them from the characteristics of the conventional energies currently known to them. Ionization was ruled out for moisture was not present, since the receptacles in which they were contained were covered with lids.

For identification of these particular energies or forces I have been advised to coin a terminology. The word arealoha has been coined for the harmonious forces; non-aloha for the incompatible forces. The word is derived from the Hawaiian friendly greeting "aloha," with the word "are" put before it; arealoha, meaning "are friendly," harmonious forces.

A team of Society research members kept charts for a short period. The only observations that appear to have any significance were the recordings that a three-day period around the time of the full moon generally required the sea salt to be on the east and the baking soda on the west. I have since co-ordinated many of their recorded fluctuations with the changes in the ambient natural forces at the time of major and minor periods as scheduled by the solunar tables. Fluctuations occur far more often when the field is unstable and there are storm conditions. My search led me eventually to explore the effects of light. Without light there was no energy exchange or any force field coming in between the containers of the two compounds. Further, I observed that when light had a north wave vector the sea salt had to be on the east and the baking soda on the west. When light had a south wave vector the positions of the chemicals had to be reversed. This revelation made it possible to predetermine how to place the containers in relation to each other; place them so that the compatible arealoha forces were in an energy stream flowing up.

The following chart serves as a guide to predetermine if the sea salt should be on the east or west of the baking soda.

Sea Salt East and Baking Soda West

Baking Soda East and Sea Salt West


When light has a North or East wave vector.

When light has a South or West wave vector.


When one can tilt his head or slump while aura directional testing and get efficient responses.

One's head has to be level and spine erect to obtain responses while directional testing.


Testing with one hand held against a leg and the recording wire will not record a rigid wave vector.

Testing with one hand held against a leg, the recording wire will have a fixed wave vector towards one's Vivaxis.


Thyroid has a rigid North wave vector.

Thyroid has a rigid South wave vector.


Holding two recording wires, one in each hand. The arms of one subtending an angle of about 100 degrees and the arms of the other about 80 degrees. When testing within my aura and faced out of my channelling directions both wires have a spinning motion.

If the same testing procedure is followed as described in E and only the 80 degree wire spins while the 100 degree wire shows no action.


When one's recording finger detects an energy flow from a North direction flowing away from the ground at an acute angle.

When one's recording finger detects an energy flow from a South direction flowing down towards the ground at an acute angle.

All the tests were conducted in the vicinity of 49°00' North Latitude 123°40' West Longitude.

I have given six methods of predetermining the position of the jars of compounds. For all practical purposes B is the simplest method to use and one that can be utilized by anyone who is capable of directional testing. Further, it can be used by testing with one's hands alone without wires. A person can be instantly advised which position to place the sea salt in relation to the baking soda. I test immediately before exposing my hands to the arealoha energies and even though the field is sometimes fluctuating the wave motion in my hands has always advised me correctly. An error would show up in two ways: (1) The texture of the energies absorbed in the fingers would feel sticky and unpleasant. (2) Aura testing would be adversely affected for a period. If the correct arealoha forces are absorbed into the system one's aura expands and directional testing will have a strong wave motion in correct orientation.

At this stage of exploring my mind struggled to explain what was creating these arealoha forces and where did they originate? At first it was difficult to explain for both jars had screw lids and the compounds remained intact, thus eliminating chemical change and ionization. The fact the jars had to be placed east and west suggested the possibility that energies from north or south were being drawn in on a horizontal plane. Being attracted by the influence of the properties contained in the two basic compounds, with light acting as a carrier wave. These speculations proved to be fundamentally what was happening. Another significant observation: the energy stream being pulled into a centre point from either north or south was incompatible to our systems. Incompatible until they had been processed according to their wave length and vibration. Processed through selection at the centre meeting junction between the jars of the two basic compounds. See diagrams 8 and g. The illustration of the acceptance of energies, with frequencies corresponding to those of elements in the sea salt and soda and the rejection of the other incompatible frequencies, was a great revelation. One immediately recognized the re-enactment of the same energy cycles taking place in our own bodies. At this point a quote from Edgar Cayce's records is appropriate, "For remember, while we give many combinations (for treatments), there are only four elements in your body, water, salt, soda and iodine. These are the basic elements; they make all the rest! Each vitamin as a component part of an element is simply a combination of these other influences.'"

Each revelation is a stepping stone to the next - nature has given a strong clue that these forces are the same as those moving the tides of the seas pulling them back and forth with periods of slack water. Checking at half hour intervals a slow movement of energies travelling either north or south, in and out towards the centre point (see diagram 11) confirmed the rhythmic reenactment of these tidal forces complete with slack periods that corresponded with the local solunar tables. (Refer to glossary). The same wonderful rhythmic forces of the universe that control the flow of the tides also control and influence our movements. The rhythmic movements of the sea anemone, the oyster and even the humble barnacles, all moving in harmony with the flow of the same forces. Our common heritage of the sea gives us the power to absorb these same forces.

Logically this should give us two biological time clocks that are synchronized, and basically control our co-ordination. The movement of the forces at our Vivaxis and in our immediate environment will be governed by a set of two varying influences within the same space time. Analogous to the variation of the forces controlling tidal slack water and the solunar major and minor periods in different areas all within the same space-time. Does this also explain the different wave influences that govern left and right?

It must be expected that these natural forces are influenced by geophysical time clocks controlled by:

(a) the relative position of sun and earth as the latter turns on its axis;

(b) the relative position of the earth and moon throughout the lunar day;

(c) the relative position of the stars as the earth turns on its axis.

The earth is part of the solar system; the solar system part of our galaxy; the galaxy part of our universe. All are governed by the same fundamental forces. Our earth is as one small grain of sand - how arrogant it is of man when he ignores these forces and tries to bend Nature's laws into new ways. We conclude with our theme song "Understand in order to preserve what nature has implanted to work so beautifully for us."

1 Edgar Gayce Records 2533-L-4, 10/31/42.