Since the beginning of time, the migratory birds and animals have been guided back to the location of their birth. The mystery of these forces have always intrigued and baffled man.

It was nine years ago that I accidently stumbled upon a natural law. A law that not only released this secret but changed my whole destiny. It has also changed the lives and health of an increasing number of people who have shared this discovery through the knowledge released in the books, Vivaxis and Magnetically Yours and through our Research Society.

In a recent article on my work which appeared in Week-End Magazine, August 1970, Doyle Klyn summed up my observations in a few well chosen phrases, "We all have magnetic waves which link directly with the geographic point where we were born. This point of origin acts like a compass to which the energies of our bodies are aligned. From it life-giving forces flow in a two-way magnetic link and can be utilized not only to channel new energy to the body, but to heal certain specific areas of it."

"It's as plain as the nose on your face", is an appropriate title, for one's nose plays a vital role.

During tests, if a salmon's nose is blocked with absorbent cotton it is unable to get its correct bearings to its spawning ground. In similar tests if a person has their nose plugged, they no longer can locate their bearing to their birth place. People with blocked sinuses have similar trouble until the sinus cavities are cleared through the technique of "channelling".

Homing pigeons that have small magnets attached to them, are unable to find their correct bearings, for their energies are out of proper phase. Persons who have been treated with strong magnets and radiation are also unable to locate their correct bearings to their birth place, however once these foreign atomic influences are erased, then they generally can.

In order to survive as normal healthy human beings we must devise a new code of ethics, that works in harmony with nature. The yardstick of intelligence should be man's ability to evaluate and understand natural laws and work at all times constructively within these bounds. To do otherwise is generally creating imbalance, an imbalance that destroys the fundamental pattern of magnetic influence which we have discovered is vital to all life. In our research, an imbalance of energies is detected underlying all malfunctions of the body and mind. Therefore we must first have an understanding of these basic laws, which include a balanced atomic arrangement of related magnetic energies. Only then can we intelligently preserve them from the onslaught of drugs, chemicals and radiations. In many instances devised by the minds of men with complete disregard of the cumulative effects that conflict with and destroy what nature has implanted to work naturally for us. The reference is particularly applicable to the type of drugs that go in and out of fashion like women's dresses, rather appropriately illustrated in the story of the doctor who handed a patient a prescription for a drug instructing, "Hurry and have this filled while it is still a remedy". I repeat, the true yardstick of intelligence is the type of mind that recognizes nature's laws and those of the Universe as supreme and works at all times in harmony and accordance with those laws. As a direct result he is also far better equipped to constructively contribute to mankind and the world he inhabits.

In matter of time it is not long since The Pulse of Life appeared; a treatise of limited distribution which was written in 1966 and copyrighted in my name. It summarized the results of my work at that time and was the original presentation of my discoveries. It enunciated a fundamental law of nature governing all forms of life, the importance of a permanent and fixed atomic and molecular magnetic alignment found in the bones of animals, fish and in the structure of plant life.

The following is a summary of these findings: 1. The alignment of atoms and molecules become fixed in our bones at the time of birth or shortly prior to birth.

2. Through this alignment the geographic point where a person was born can be located and further, the level of his individual magnetic pole can be determined.

3. Each person is linked by wave circuits to his individual field of magnetic energy.

4. By channelling the individual brings the energies of his entire body into phase through particle currents which, obedient to a natural law, run side by side in opposite directions. The individual's alignment is thus strengthened, which in turn tends to correct abnormalities of nerves and muscles within his body.

5. Similarly, channelling can be used as an effective weapon by an individual to annihilate foreign energies including those of viruses and bacteria.

6. After a person channels to his magnetic pole the thyroid gland and blood record the alignment of energies.

7. Cigarette tobacco and insecticides weaken and disrupt the alignment in bones.

8. The geographic location can be pinpointed at which a permanent bar magnet was originally magnetized.

Early in 1969, Vivaxis, the Spiral of Life was published. This particular book was written with the collaboration of Bessie O'Connor who, in her capacity of illustrator and a teacher of English, was an enthusiastic assistant. I was persuaded to include within the book, the story of the many paths that led me to the discovery of a natural law of magnetics and the various methods used to verify its existence.

Before the year 1969 had elapsed I had completed the book Magnetically Yours, whose main intent was to illustrate the significance of this law of magnetics and its useful application to ourselves. From it I quote:

"The title Magnetically Yours has significance; it refers to your personal magnetic wave link to the geographical point where you were born. The birds, animals and fish have been aware of this wave link and utilized it for thousands of years; for example, the faithful return of many species to their place of origin.

"Man has emerged rapidly into the electronic age but in his haste has pathetically ignored his own part in the Universal scheme of magnetics. It is increasingly apparent that ignorance and abuse of this important biological law of nature is responsible for a good majority of both physical and mental ills. The book explains how magnetic wave messages are relayed from the brain to the receptor cells of the motor neurons which control the reflexes of the body. Examples show what happens to the reflexes when messages are disrupted or blocked.

"To most people it is a tremendous revelation to discover that through the new knowledge of channelling they can reactivate their dormant or sluggish reflexes. The reactions are usually instant and give a feeling of power and special satisfaction, to realize they have accomplished it themselves by harnessing their own atomic energies.

"It is well recognized that a healthy body is full of electromagnetic waves but during illness there is a detectable deficiency. The discovery of their origin makes it possible to reinstate these waves to their normal pattern within the human system."

Interest and enthusiasm grew as many readers discovered for themselves they had the ability to locate and channel to their Vivaxis. As a result the Northwest Magnetics Research Society* was formed in February 1970, as a non profit organization for the purpose of supporting my research into the magnetism of the human body and the dissemination of factual information to its members. With the aid of the organization progress accelerated and as a direct result of the society's seminars the bounds of our knowledge continually advance. The subject is a vast one and it is the society's aim to educate those of its members who require further knowledge and guide them in the application of channelling. My discovery of code receptors in the summer of 1970 prompted me to write the booklet New Techniques of Channelling; as a supplement to the information contained in Magnetically Yours.

So much has evolved in the last twelve months that it seems a century of time rather than a year and it is the intention of Born to be Magnetic to correlate the new and the old knowledge within this one volume. Prior to detailing the wave mechanics, it would be appropriate to first make the reader aware, how the application of the knowledge of our magnetic energies is being very constructively utilized by members of our Society.

* Northwest Magnetics Research Society, P.O. Box 114, Nanaimo, B.C.