In an earlier chapter we mentioned that channelling can be used effectively to control a variety of symptoms directly associated with energy imbalance and lack of normal magnetic flow. When there is illness and pain, either singly or in combination, an unbalanced energy wave pattern is always found. There may be one, or there may be many circuits showing distress signals. When the balance of energy is restored to these circuits and they are once again in phase with the body's energies, there is general improvement and in many cases elimination of both pain and illness. With the exception of the removal of X-ray interference, channelling does not in itself take away the underlying cause of the body ailments, for if the cause is not removed the circuits usually revert and once more become unbalanced. The causative agency which originated the body's illness may be one of many: X-ray effects, mental frustration, inadequate or faulty diet, exposure to noxious chemicals, various pathogens, and other causes are all capable of creating the condition. So when the energy pattern has been corrected, concentrate on removing the cause of the trouble to prevent the circuits from being disrupted again.

Some 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates, "Father of Medicine", imprinted upon the minds of his students a most precise aphorism, "Thy food shall be thy remedy", a maxim which is as correct today as it was when it was uttered. But in the time of Hippocrates they did not have to contend with processed foods filled with additives; foreign elements that can destroy the balance of our energies. Nevertheless there is still no better advice for maintenance of health than to recommend plenty of exercise, fresh air and the eating of natural unsprayed foods grown on organic farms.

Our observations are limited to situations that we have experienced as a research group and are not intended as medical advice to others. Our work is the study of magnetics in the human system and in the course of our investigations nature has revealed that a specific atomic alignment is her design to protect our bodies against disease.

Without the necessity of testing receptors, members of the Society have achieved results which seemed sensational and this chapter devotes itself exclusively to relating some of the simple methods used.

Eliminating the wave confliction of X-rays is in itself "A Giant Step" and a necessary one. On occasions during lectures I have directed this question to the audience, "How many of you have had X-rays of the skull?" A percentage of hands will rise. I then ask, "How many in this group find it difficult to concentrate?" Invar-ably the same number of hands show.

After a person has completely removed his head X-rays, the most common remark is, "I feel that a lot of wires have been uncrossed; my head feels a lot lighter." Immediately he notices his power of concentration starts to improve. He becomes more relaxed and sleeps better. Merely erasing all the X-ray interference eliminates many chronic aches and pains, since one's whole system has a better chance to work in proper co-ordination. This is especially true in cases that follow up channelling by using the P.H.S. method, described at the end of this chapter.

One can't help speculating that X-rays might be a contributing cause, why so many young people of today are mentally mixed up, confused and suffering from hypertension. Our son Brian, while attending university, made this observation, "If only some of these crazy mixed up kids understood what you have learned, Mum, I don't think they would feel the need for all these drugs."

The cause may be multiple, but what are we doing to our young people when we subject their heads to masses of conflicting wavelengths through X-rays? Is it their fault they are confused and mixed up?

Is this the price our children are paying for man's tampering - man's ignorance? How often do the gains from the X-rays justify the wave conflictions introduced permanently into the nervous system?

Our instructors continually mention how pupils in their classes, are visibly shaken, when through their own testing it is graphically revealed to them how X-rays conflict with and actually cancel normal wave motion in their circuit.

It is our body's, our mind's and those of our children that are at stake. Isn't this reason enough that we should explore? The dedication of my work has been projected towards developing a simple means by which the average man can make his own investigations.


A member recently wrote the Research Society to relate in some detail the results of his channelling; his blood pressure which had stayed persistently at a high level for some years, decreased to a normal range soon after he started channelling. He concluded his letter with the question, "What did I do to bring my pressure down so low? In any event I am very pleased and would like more information along this line."

Research undertaken at St. Mary's Hospital, London, England, has shown that blood pressure is apparently affected by magnetism. They also found that magnetism appears to influence the level of blood cholesterol and the clotting time of the blood.

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain controlling the visceral functions of the body; it is a switchboard and message centre coordinating the vital functions of the nervous system. Among its many functions are the control of the pacemaker of the heart and blood pressure. The hypothalamus is located in the middle part of the head and we find it is the centre of magnetic influence in the head. What controls our magnetic energies? "Our Vivaxis."

These answers possibly explain why so many people have claimed that channelling has helped their ailing hearts.


The so-called common cold need not be the "common cold". This statement is directed to those people who are careful of their diet but still play unwilling hosts to one or more colds a year; it does not refer to those whose daily menu includes pop, candy, cakes and excessive starches. I speak from experience for I was periodically a victim of the most miserable type of head colds. Characteristically, they included swollen eyes, running nose and throat, accompanied by a day of two of violent vomiting. Now I can cheerfully think of these bouts of misery as a period of the dim past, belonging to the era before I learned to use the power of channelling to fight viruses and bacteria.

I will digress at this point and relate how I first discovered that energies could be harnessed to combat a cold virus. This is a question I am often asked and now is an appropriate time to include the story; for it was the challenge to combat a cold virus that first illustrated to me that our magnetic energies could be usefully harnessed.