The first results of a balanced energy field were reflected in the gentleman's nervous system. His wife recalled, that as far back as she could remember, he had been an extremely restless and nervous sleeper. She marvelled that overnight he had become transformed into a sound and peaceful sleeper. Other results were reflected by his improved control; within a day or so he was holding a coffee cup in his right hand, a feat he had been unable to do for some time. At last report he was planning a hunting trip. Being an animal lover I stop applauding at this point and conclude by mentioning that I heard his doctors were very amazed at his unexpected improvement.

Amazed, probably in the same manner as I recently observed the dumbfounded reaction of a group of medical doctors at an acupuncture demonstration. "It can't be!" yet they watched it happen with their own eyes while shaking their heads in sheer disbelief. These men of medicine were having their eyes and minds opened. Opened enough to realize there are energies controlling the body that cannot be explained by chemistry alone. Acupuncture treatment may not be the ultimate answer but at least it is bringing awareness.

The energy meridians used in acupuncture correspond in position to Vivaxis points and all have a wave vector to one's Vivaxis. At the time of writing, December 1972, this fact of acupuncture is not generally known but I am confident the information will soon be presented to the scientific world. For the world in its current search for unexplained phenomena is rapidly "homing in" on the part

Vivaxis plays. Vivaxis is now being recorded and its energies used by many thousands in all professions. We are also confirming with electronic instruments many of the same influences that are recorded by Vivaxis students testing within the framework of their aura. Zone therapy, acupuncture, the ability of birds to migrate back to their Vivaxis, are the same energies and all linked to their respective Vivaxes; only the methods of application are different.

When is the Vivaxis created? "Shortly prior to birth," is the terminology I have used throughout my writings, for one's Vivaxis is most commonly found in the house where one's mother lived during pregnancy. I recall only one case where the Vivaxis was traced to the hospital. This man's mother lived on a small isolated island and as a consequence moved to a distant hospital on Vancouver Island, weeks before the actual birth. There are indications that the Vivaxis is created as a result of some sudden energy reversal prior to actual birth.

Questions And Answers

Question: Are there circumstances that occasionally change the normally rigid requirements for recording directions?

Answer: Yes, there are periodic influences of short duration that make the requirements more elastic. For example, one can test with the head level or tilted, spine erect or slumped, feet separated or placed together. The short-lived influences causing these phenomena are currently under study and facts are being revealed which should prove of special interest to students of astrology.

Question: Does a major earthquake always create a right angled field?

Answer: There are isolated conditions when the field's energies are extremely strong and appear to offset the adverse static effects normally associated with earthquakes. There was a classic example at the time of writing, December 23, 1972. An earthquake, of about seven magnitude on the Richter scale, practically demolished the city of Managua, yet my own field and those of others remained strong and correctly orientated.

On this date and coinciding with the strong field was a period of extremely high tides, as well as a near full moon. We also speculate on the thought that the vibrations of love and goodwill among men at this particular time, two days before Christmas, might add extra strength and continuity to the energy field; we choose to think so.

Question: Can one accurately test directions when standing over ground influenced by a Vivaxis or some other foreign field?

Answer: No. This could be the reason for a student having difficulty in testing his field. The instructor should explore this possibility by having the student move to another site, neutralize, wait one minute, and retest.

Question: Can a plane in the vicinity of the testing deflect the direction of the angle wire?

Answer: Yes, temporarily; jet aircraft will especially influence the angle wire.

Question: If the horizontal and vertical arms do not form an accurate ninety degree angle, will the ability to test directions be affected?

Answer: Yes, this is a common cause for lack of response by the instrument. One can check the arms by laying them along the rectangular sides of a book, table, or carpenter's square.

Question: If the student's angle wire remains fixed in one direction, what are the first two possibilities an instructor should check?

Answer: (1) Is the student holding the vertical arm of his recording instrument in his Vivaxis insulation belt?

(2) Is the student aligned to his Vivaxis in any of the four channelling positions?

Question: Is one's aura sometimes too large to record the insulating belt, with the recording instrument held out at arm's length?

Answer: Yes, there have been instances when I have had to deliberately shrink my aura in order to demonstrate the Vivaxis belt. Shrinking it temporarily by introducing a small degree of energy disorder into my circuit. Standing under an electric light for a short interval is one effective method.

Question: After a meridian's energy circuit has been reinstated and balanced, will it remain corrected?

Answer: It may be necessary to reinstate the circuit from time to time as indicated through one's testing. It will depend mainly upon two factors:

(a) The extent of the damage to the areas dependent on the circuit, for scar tissue is a poor conductor of these energies.

(b) The length of time the field remains strong and stable after the meridian has been reinstated. A time element is involved, since it requires a steady stable field for a sufficient period of time to effect repairs. A weak circuit is far more vulnerable to disruption through a static condition, than a normal circuit.

Question: Can a right angled galvanized wire, or welding rod, be used without the copper sleeve?

Answer: Yes, originally this was all that was used for testing. A plain wire is more reliable than using a narrow copper sleeve whose small diameter interferes with the angle wire's movement. Experience has shown that in some cases this is the reason for a student not being able to record a wave response.

Question: What are the main lessons learned through directional testing within one's aura?

Answer: (a) to determine a stable field from a static one.

(b) To become familiar with the correct level position of one's head; a necessary requirement for those who will eventually utilize channelling effectively.

(c) To determine the meridians controlling specific brain receptors that are out of resonance and learn how to correct them. The results of the corrections can be widespread. To list only a few: improve the ability of the brain to record and memorize, improve the power of concentration, improve the eyesight, overcome nervous tensions and insomnia.

(d) Learning to evaluate the influences that will adversely affect one's force field.

Any prudent person, with the ability to test his force field, should take a dim view of a gadget or treatment that impairs either his ability to test, or changes the organized design within his force field. There are many of these products on the market. Perhaps the well meaning manufacturer, who heralds his product as a "scientifically proven cure all," sincerely believes it to be so. But is he aware of the possible accumulative side effects to the person's own individual vibrations? Through your testing, you are better qualified to judge the reaction of your own force field than anyone; its reaction to a magnetic sleep pillow, polarity pillow or other products too numerous to mention. Test by holding your hand briefly over such products and then immediately test your own force field. The before and after reactions should help you gauge its advisability.

We are in an era when great numbers of people are going through a learning stage and in the process many are learning what not to do, rather than learning how to preserve and correct the energy design that nature has given us through a specific Vivaxis.

In Conclusion

The successful students are those who stick strictly to fortifying and balancing their own Vivaxis energies; not those who are continually experimenting with devious methods to introduce other vibrations into their circuits.

I quote from a letter just received, "I can't help but wonder how many of the original members write to say, 'Thank you for persevering and pursuing the greatest discovery of any era about man himself and his relationship to the "All".' In spite of, or maybe even because of slight detours, via reflexology and radionics, I think you will find we come back to Vivaxis like a homing pigeon."