Part IX. Method, Of Double Checking The Direction Of Your Channel

If the channel you have located is the channel leading to your Vivaxis, then there will be a flow of energy travelling from that direction with a wavelength corresponding to the wavelength of your brain; your wires will cross.

Method of Checking

(a) Multiply while testing and your wires will uncross and swing firmly into the direction directly in front of you.

(b) In another test request one of your wires to swing into another direction. If you are precisely in your channel, then it will not pull away.

If the wire does pull into another direction the following possibilities should be explored:

(1) You slumped your spine or tilted your head off level when you tested.

(2) The field is static and electrically unbalanced.

(3) You are close to your channel direction but still a degree or two off.

(4) An induced field is being recorded from that direction.

The induced field might be due to electric motors, airplanes overhead, a person concentrating on you, to name a few of the causes; any of these influences coming into you can actually make your wires cross in the direction of the induced field. For example, a person may be hundreds of miles away, yet you can still pick up a channel coming in from his direction if he is concentrating upon you. But if the wavelengths of these induced fields do not correspond with the wavelength of your brain, then your brain can order your wires to move away from them and the wires will obey. In other words, your brain has the ability to shut out other fields that are coming in.

In contrast, if it is your own channel and the wires are correctly orientated, they will not pull away despite your brain's command; since the wave train that links your code receptors directly to your Vivaxis comes in a definite channel direction. The atoms of your code receptors and brain all tilt their nuclei towards that channel. Each brain receptor has a code receptor located at either side of it with the same wavelength as your brain and Vivaxis energies. When you face into your channel you are similar to a radio set that is tuned into a specific channel - your channel.

Another interesting test is to place both ankles, plus the entire sides of both feet in firm contact; at the same time hold a recording wire in either hand. Regardless of where you face in respect to your Vivaxis channel, the wires will swing towards it. They do not cross but separately hold the direction of your channel and they will not pull away at your brain's command, unless there is an energy disturbance in the environment at the time of the test. This is a good way to find your channel and for location purposes has tremendous value. However, be sure to place your feet well apart before you actually channel.

Part X. Extra Tips For Beginners

Neutralize a new set of wires in order to erase the field introduced into them during their manufacture. Run tap water thoroughly over them and then immerse the wires completely; dry well and take care no other person holds them. Before channelling do the accordion exercise with your fingers, slowly and firmly, for about thirty seconds; then exercise strenuously for a few seconds. To introduce your energies strongly into the wires before starting to test, whirl them vigorously in your hands. Now try locating your channel and test the accuracy with the methods described.

Those who have been subjected to wave machines or treatment with magnets will have difficulty locating their correct channel. Several members of our Society, from the state of New Mexico, have kindly passed along their method of negating foreign radiation and increasing their own force field.


Dissolve one pound of baking soda and one pound of sea salt crystals (obtained in most health stores) in a bath tub of hot water. One soaks the entire body for approximately ten minutes and at short intervals immerses one's head. The results of using these simple and natural elements have proved remarkably effective.

Part XI. Reducing The Radiation Time Of The Post-Channelling


Recent research has indicated the advantages of reducing the time of radiation absorption. The cells of our bodies are adjusted to a certain degree of our own radiation, flowing in and out of our bodies at all times. Our systems are put into a higher energy state when we channel and we absorb an increased level of radiation through the code receptors for a period of approximately twenty minutes after channelling. There are occasions when our systems appear deficient in these radiation energies and the full twenty minutes of accelerated absorption has tremendous therapeutic value.

Experience is demonstrating the advantages of reducing the radiation absorption time to eight minutes after channelling. There are indications the reduced amount of radiation has the desired effect and yet helps avoid too great a build-up of radiation at one time. The shorter period makes it possible to use channelling more often if specifically required, especially for chronic injuries where the cell growth of code receptors has suffered over a long period. These code receptors are difficult to keep in a steady state and lack the normal ability of retaining the individual's energies. More frequent channelling over a period of a few weeks appears to assist the receptors to maintain their steady state, but this procedure is only advisable if the time of absorption is substantially reduced during each post-channelling period. In fact, in these cases the individuals generally reduce their absorption interval with each subsequent channelling, until the period is only three or four minutes duration.

A few members of the Society, suffering from chronic injuries, successfully experimented with specific channelling for three consecutive days, waited one day and then channelled again on the fifth day if necessary. They found they could gradually extend the intervals between channelling as their receptors gained in retentive strength and were able to maintain their normal pattern for increasing periods of time. This was only possible because they reduced the time of radiation absorption and the field remained in a steady state and free from static.